Do you think some men are disappointed now that “getting her drunk” in no longer a…?

Question by Granny Tea: Do you think some men are disappointed now that “getting her drunk” in no longer a…?
…legal form of “seduction?”

I’ve seen enough guys complaining about it to think this is really putting a wrench in some men’s sex lives.
No, I’m pretty sure getting someone drunk in order to lower their ability to properly consent is not legal.

There was a case recently that made more people away of that legal precedent.
No offense Glenda, but you’re only missing something if you’ve either not been reading the new for the last year or if you’re purposely being obtuse.
You can think it’s okay for someone to take advantage of a drunk girl, but the law doesn’t seem to agree with.
I don’t know for sure. They haven’t invited me to observe their bedroom behavior. I certainly hope they don’t. I find it unusual that they share this part of their personal life with you. To each their own.

However, if you are confused on this matter, even if a couple is married it’s still illegal to have sex with a spouse who is passed out drunk and unable to consent…unless they have a prearranged agreement of consent beforehand, of course.

It is illegal to have sex with any person who is not mentally capable of consenting.
Okay, thanks for clarifying. 🙂
So, are you going to actually answer my question now? I was already pretty clear from your first answer that you think it’s okay for a guy to get a woman drunk in order to make her easier to bed…but that wasn’t actually an answer to my question.
Yes, I’ve noticed that also, but there’s always that one d-bag in the group that has to be watched around the drunk girls…at least in my former college experiences. I was always the designated driver because I was allergic to alcohol, so I got to do a lot of observing of drunk people.

Best answer:

Answer by Chipmunk
It’s legal to have sex if consent was given.

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y’all old feminist keep harping on this…
while we are banging your daughters.

not a thing has changed… well, except in the old days I had to buy the alcohol, and now a days she brings it with her to my door and asks for me to show her how good it is supposed to be.

I don’t understand.

“getting her drunk” used to be legal as a means to have sex with her, but now it’s illegal?

But she’s the one holding the drink, and deciding how much to drink, right? He’s not holding her down and forcing tequila down her throat. She has free will and she’s responsible for her actions.

I feel like I’m missing something here.

adds: Okay, it’s in the wording then. You said “getting her drunk” as if it’s something similar to slipping her a roofie. A purposeful action a man takes in order to get her incapacitated so he can then rape her.

As opposed to the girl being drunk on her own, of her own free will. There’s the difference.

And no, I don’t think it’s okay for someone to take advantage of a drunk girl. Of course not.

So you’re saying my mother and father rape each other?

At what point does responsibility come into play? A drunk woman can hit an officer and can be (and usually is) charged with assault. A drunk woman can hand over cash or credit card and legally pay for a car or house.

Seriously, instead of charging of everyone for everything, how about we just teach young people RESPONSIBILTY.
Yes, some men will be “disappointed” that it’s illegal. But that is a stupid law. Along with recreational marijuana smoking. Now I don’t do either of those but as you can see from the weed smokers, people who’ve been getting women drunk aren’t going to stop.

First they took away the use of the club to get sex from men…

Now they took away booze…

What’s next? flowers? candy? dinners?

A very limited number may be – immature kinds. It sort of used to be getting her drunk to lower her inhibitions – and to some extent girls/women were and remain a party to this for the same reason – but I truly think it is a very minor thing.

I’ve never done it and don;t know anyone who has, and most men I’ve known are very protective of young girls at parties who get drunk – but I suppose it depends on the circles you move in.

Some guys are protective of their female friends. If people are deliberately getting others smashed to get action then it’s to be hoped that their drinks don’t get spiked or being coerced into sexual activity. There has to be a moral ground about taking advantage of someone that can’t consent to sex.

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