Does A Man Need To Tuck In His Shirt – When To Wear a Shirt Tucked – What Style Can Be Worn Untucked Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men’s Style and Fashion. Here is 5th and Lamar – they make great slim f…

Should a Man Buy a Black Suit - Men's Style Fashion Advice - When to wear 2-Piece Black Suits Click this link for a FREE 47 page eBook on men’s style and fashion.…

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Lol. Love the half tuck input. 

Half tuck: *death stare*

This video was funny. I recently subbed as well. I need to catch up on
all these videos!

If you have some shirts who are to big can you let them be adjusted? And is
is the same with V neck sweaters?

I’m confused. What is a half tuck? Tucking in one side of the shirt and not
the other?

Half tuck.. I bursted out laughing haha 

Half tuck was a perfect ending!

I’m subscribing for the half tuck comment. GOLD!

Your accent is perfect. South asians can easily understand ur teaching…

half-tuck comment got a subscribe!

Your videos are great!!! If you want to take them to the next level, you
can add some pictures to exemplify what you are saying.

You mean a guayavera

And could you do the video about how to tuck in a shirt?

That’s a question all guys struggle with, thanks for the answer.

So great of you to put up all of these videos for everyone. Very helpful.

if the fit is slim and the person is in decent shape beltless can look

Your vids are good but you should cut to visual examples of what you’re
talking about. A picture really is worth a thousand words when it comes to

Full marks for facing up to the fact that you are fat (and not ‘big-boned,’
‘heavy,’ ‘carrying a little excess weight,’ and so on.) For your health’s
sake (as well as that of your appearance) I imagine you must be trying to
do something about this. But on the subject of shirts, etc., surely, if
someone has an unattractive, visual feature, that person has to be extra
careful about their appearance and look >smart.< (The same applies to being old, like I am!) Aim for overweight, but immaculate!

Do you want to be taken seriously in the adult world? Rightly or wrongly,
we all make our minds up about a person in the first few seconds of meeting
them, based on their *appearance.* So, what do YOU think is the answer to
your question? (By the way, try a capital letter, when you mean ‘I’ as in
‘myself.’ It’s another detail which marks out the person who has grown up
from the one who never will. – Just a hint!)

it’s funny ’cause the subscribe button is below the video now.

What Brand do you recommend that is relatively cheap but has great quality

Great videos! and LOL at the half tuck! It does n’t get sloppier than a
half – tuck. One point that is ringing in my head is when you mentioned
“There is difference between who a man dresses and a boy dresses” It was so
true, we often carry our boy-ish habits into our 20’s and 30’s and it might
be a huge faux pa

the half tuck (no comment)

Sorry, must have been drunk posting that comment haha

I leave mine untucked because I am fat and it helps hide my pistol.

I’m not a real man, as you can obviously see by my avatar, still I’m a man
that has to support himself, grasping that idea, when it’s all said and
done, I’m more man than anything, lol. Just a joke, try to take me more
seriously. I need advice, I just graduated out of high school, and now I
NEED to get a job to earn income, period. However, I never owned a suit and
I am a heavy fat guy, 6’1 and 280lbs, what do you recommend for my first
serious job interview suit or something more versatile while still focusing
on the interview style? Need advice for fit, fabric and style

A Black Suit signifies Power and achieved Status. Think about the robe
of a court room judge. Why do judges wear black? It’s because some people
fear and respect a judge in black robe. . . Think about the black suit that
Marlon Brando wore in the movie called ”The God Father.” His suit
signified Status and Power to some people.

There’s a big cultural difference as well. Here in Japan everyone owns a
black suit, On the train home tonight i counted 5 men in solid black suits,
Of course it’s never paired with a solid black tie. 

Not really, because occasionally in a way I attempt to somewhat give you
an exact answer – sometimes. But it depends…

Sometimes it’s not so black and white… Everyone’s different… sometimes,
it depends, I don’t know.. are often the best answer.

Hey Antonio, thanks for the insight on black suits. But I have to ask, why
is there such a stigma against wearing them outside of formal events? As a
young African American man, I’ve noticed that black is a common suit color
used by guys of my age and/or skin type to make themselves stand out at
parties and nights on the town.

Cool.. Black suit works for me! I am going to need one soon.

i was wondering woould black suit go well if you hav black and bkues eyes,
would eyes stand out,

Seriously, black is only going to slim you to a certain degree. If you’re
obese, it’s not going to work.

What about a black suit with a black shirt and black tie? If it depends on
my contrast, I have very fair skin with brown hair, so I’d say I’m
relatively high contrast.

heyy, great video. I was wondering if you could please comment about
matching different sizes and patterns between suit, shirt and tie. Most of
the advices on the internet are about plain colours (which is fairly easy),
but few of them deal with patterns. Merci

I definitely loved the video.

this helped soooo mutch thanks dude.

His answer is always “sometimes” or “it depends”

You’ll look like a member of the Russian mob or someone working the party
rather than attending it. All black suits are great if you’re a tall skinny
guy and you can pull it off, but you’ll know if you can the moment you put
it on.

@carbidutz Sounds like you know what you want — have fun!

I have 1 suit and it is all black the shirt and tie are black I have a
shaved head and yes I look like a hitman for the Russian mob and my wife
loves the look

what about asian man ?

@azfanification I wouldn’t say exactly the same, but if an off-the-rack
suit is a good fit to begin with a bit of alteration can make it look very
good, and it will cost less than a tailored suit. You won’t be able to
change little details of the style to suit your taste, but not everyone
always needs that. We actually did a full video on bespoke vs.
made-to-measure vs. off-the-rack not to long ago – you might check the
archives for it!

super jacket, made to measure?

@sarringtoniv YES – I’ll be looking to do an entire series for dark tones.
Brazilians, Cubans, Ethiopians, South Africans, Filipinos – so many
ethnicities to address – I’ll try to stay with colors as heritage/culture
as it applies to style is a whole nother animal! R/S Antonio

hehe, hitman reference?^^

Hello Antonio, I have a question regarding a black blazer. how would you
match it (jeans, trousers, dockers) and what color buttons do you suggest
for it? The gold or silver. Thank you, I enjoy your videos very much.

I definitely appreciate that the subscribe request and “like” request has
been moved to the end of the video!!! Good vid! Thanks!

Did he say “for the White man” 1:07?

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