Elephant Man Ft Ding Dong – Crocodile/Badman Style[Gangnam Style](Official HD Video)

Artists: Elephant Man & Ding Dong Titles:Crocodile and Badman Style [Gangnam Style] Dir: Terminal 4 Media Misik Muzik/Q 45 http://www.hdmwas.com https://www….

IRON STYLE – (PSY – GANGNAM STYLE – IRON MAN PARODY) SOUNDTRACK: “GANGNAM STYLE” by PSY 2012 Schoolboy/Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Keep On Killin It Elephant

Lmao wow

i like it

i love minimalistic dancehall-beats more from dem please 🙂 fuck the new
soft-dancehall great song

i luv this song

Hahahahahaha A real Dancehall dis

maaaaaaaaad ele and ding

ah bad man ting dis , yea mon !

mi like how ele big up ova-mars!!!!…str888888, talk nuh man…keva put on
weight man…yuh look great gyal. dweet dweet dweet…..

ting shell dung!!! eleshizzle always a bring the good vibes when everybody
else a chat bout buss gun and war ting. energy gad a pree dancing unity

Hmm not bad eet baddd

gwaan ely

i dot think all but i seen shelly do this movement nuff innan dance but but
when u have name like ding dong a indorse it .. it shot right away cuz the
name .. and crew .. so .. o well


Super exelente video y grandioso song me gusto muchisimo

4 words:john hype is bck!!!

Kevia boots niceeee

badman style 😀

lawwd me want keiva bad !!

“There’ll be sad songs to make you cryyyy….” If yuh nah no wah mi ah seh
listen to “There’ll Be Sad Songs” by Billy Ocean. That where Elle got the
start of this song from.

Blessup Ele for uniting all these dancers who used to dance with each other
from 99-03, then di Bogle ting happen. Salute fi dat! But crocodile style
son? Really? Dat nuh mek it breddren. But keep up tje positive music though

nah call nuh name CAH WE A **BAD-MAN-STYLE**

Eleeee r the boss badman style

i love this video it look like mad fun


hahahahah Oh my God!!!

Opa Tony Stark Stylle!



cant wait for the full version of the video. is it available already?

Hey that’s true it does say gentleman

opan iron style


*Iron Man 3 – Gangnam Style*

*Iron Man 4 – GANGNAM STYLE*

via +Petr Chvojka 

Please let this be at the end of the credits



To: Yours
From: Num Noom
Date: 08/20/13
Thanks: Video

HA! There’s going to be an actual full video! 

…and now with video, thanks to +Gary Calpo.

cc/ +Eric Richardson 

opa iron man


Ha Ha Ha

Yep, it’s still funny. +Joe LaPenna

h/t +Anuj Ahooja 

p.s. the Youtube short of the Iron Man gif
(really short 🙂 Nuke 3D ftw)

Next Generation. Can’t wait for it.

Gangnam Style by “Iron Man”…

No no y dont

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