Ellen Halloween Trick or Treat!!!

www.true-film.com ! I edited this piece for Ellen Degeneres Presented for Artistic Demo Purposes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Toast??????? GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

lol she made her a sandwich

for Ellen Halloween is everyday

haha “do you have a bed I could lay down in?”

aww rich ppl

If she was chasing my car, i would jump out and tackle her ahah

Only Ellen…ROTFL!

@donpazer what where?


nice camel toe at 5:35. 😀

Ellen does absolutely every thing! She is so much fun is unreal

all these people live in fukn huge mansions.

I wanna go trick or treating with Ellen!!

Its Ellen!
Its Paul!
Haha 🙂

“Trick or Treat!”
“You’re a tad early aren’t you?” *gets closer, starstruck* “Oh my Gawd, it’s Ellen DeGeneres!… Rob!”

“It’s Ellen!?!”
“It’s Paul!?!”

“There was more in there, I see that, but THAT’S alright.”

That lady in her pajamas is Winnie Holzman! She wrote My So Called Life and the book for the musical adaptation of “Wicked”!

I could just watch her all day and all night! 🙂

oh god that look like something i would do x]

unb-b-buttered t-t-t-toast!?!? *shiver*

i wish i was ellen. her life looks so fun.

i lovee ellenn

it must be hularious to a full grown up looking like a cat , run after cars and knoking doors

that was da scariest thing ive everrrr seen!!! im shivering

Wow celebrities get more

Jägermeisterrrrrrrrrr xD

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