Everyone talks about annexing Canada, but I think Poland would be a better choice?

by Dunechaser

Question by Ben T GED: Everyone talks about annexing Canada, but I think Poland would be a better choice?
Canada is strategically north of us, we don’t need anyone on top of us, i mean, who likes the top anyway? But Poland they are home to the world’s strongest man and we can use him to lift up a jet aircraft if needed and throw it at them commies! Since all Polish men are God’s gift to women, we can use them to seduce all of the commie libs and bring our troops back home from Japan. Do you see any flaws in this magnificent plan?

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Answer by Reba K
How about Greenland. And giving Hawaii back to the Hawaiians

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The “United” States is already very deeply “divided.” So we don’t need any more states.

And besides, if we’re going to annex anyone, I’d prefer to annex Brazil.

hey, we have to bring our troops back from Iraq first and Afghanistan too… what are you a Nazi for hating on Poland? Was anyone in your family named Adolf Hitler by any chance… I’m just joking… I think we are fine as we are… Canada is a beautiful country that is doing good for itself… we should take care of our business first…

what about the profuse body odor polish men are so famous for?

I must be way out of some loop, but your the first person I’ve ever heard say we should annex Canada. Who is this everybody you are referring to? Nevermind, I just read your comments. Have a good one!

Cowgirls up!!! Yea HA

Well, Mexico might feel left out.

shhhhh. What the hell is your problem? The game is to be sold not to be told.

Have you been drinking?

Oh….and “Polish men are God’s gift to women”……..Now that’s funny!

What of Puerto Rico? It is almost a state already and closer that Poland. But Poland did invent pirogi!

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