Exam Cheat

OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean realises he doesn’t know the answers to his exam paper and tries desperately to copy from the man next to him. From the very first Mr Bean programme aired in 1990.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Do not depurate be happy with naughty women **mworld5.info**

@ 4:47 mommy


Epic win.

why the fuck has this gone into a discussion about fucking wrestling.. its about mr bean.
stupid fags honestly if you wantt o comment about wrestling Look at a bloody wrestling video..?

our head of year made us watch this in assembly to show what will happen if you dont prepare it was jokes, some random video came up of a woman with no dress on :O! Everyone pissed themself. This isnt a joke btw sir went red in the face and blamed us LOLOl

@jitterbugdance Because the other guy he had copied off had just crumpled up the paper he had copied, so Bean was trying to disguise that he was crumpling up his piece of paper that he had suddenly started writing on because it would be obvious that he had copied him. Hope I’ve explained that properly.

One of if not the best comedy sketch of all time

this is like me at school lol

i c pink panther 😀

LMAO he was doing the worng test Mr Bean is Legend

@Scottishgal78 ifink its a bench

lol when i first saw this in class i was laughing my ass off

@BlueCookieLover I LOVE THT GUY

hahahaha! i’ll never get tired of this…

why does he grunt as he crumples up the paper?

lol mr.bean is a cheater!
he is probably dumb and stupid to know the answers

@Scottishgal78 no hes crouching on a little platform with weels then he sits down again


OH shit XD The ending! I’d BE in-fumed if that happened to me XD The way he threw that pen at the end. Classic Mr Bean x

is Mr Bean sitting on a chair with wheels that he manages to slide over to copy the guy beside him?

wonderful acting !!
real feeling expressed by him!!

Classic Bean! Takes me back…

I know Beans feelings…its when we write our school mathematical test 😛

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