Facebook Dating – Discover The Secrets To Becoming An Internet Pickup Artist

Facebook Dating – Discover The Secrets To Becoming An Internet Pickup Artist

Facebook dating is quickly becoming a huge deal. It’s been said that 1.3% of men succeed in attracting women online and the other *98.7% fail horribly. What if i told you i knew the secrets to make Facebook dating a piece of cake? What if I helped you get access to the information to hook you up with the girl of your dreams? No matter how ugly you think you are or how much money you make I can show you the way to have any girl that your heart desires. You could easily be pulling 3-5 girls a night on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and ANY other dating website this very moment. I’m not talking about just getting some pretty girls number; I’m talking about taking this Mrs. Perfect home! Even those of you that are looking for long term loves and not just hook ups; I have the answers for you too.

Most guys make the huge mistake of not paying any attention to how their profile looks, this is a big Facebook dating mistake. Your profile is a representation of you since you’re not initially meeting face to face. When it comes to Facebook dating you have to keep your profile updated and neat just like you take care of your physical appearance. With that said make sure you don’t make your Facebook profile look like you’re trying to meet women. Be subtle. The basics are pretty simple.

#1) Your relationship status should be set to single.

#2) Don’t have your cell phone number listed. It looks desperate.

#3) Looking for should be set to “friends” only

Your pictures should look fun and should be of you smiling. No one wants to hang out with the dude that is always looking sad and depressed. Your profile should project your lifestyle. If you don’t appear interesting then guess what? NO WOMAN WILL BE INTERESTED! You have to be original. When you’re going after a beautiful woman, I can guarantee that you aren’t the only one.

Not being your average lame online stalker is the most important factor for Facebook dating. You can’t just write a girl and say “You’re hot! I’m the nicest guy you’ll ever meet if you give me the chance. I promise! Message me back, please!” That looks so desperate and weak. I promise all that’s going to do is get you blocked from ever writing her messages again. Every guy comes at her with some rendition of that and believe me it gets old after awhile. Make sure you’re thinking friends first. Women can tell, even through online message, when you’re just trying to get some action. If you’re looking for a long term relationship then being too forward isn’t the way to go. Making more friends and knowing people that know other people you know is a big plus. Then you’ll be able to make a more solid approach when sending out a friend request. You can include a small message with it such as “Hey, I saw we’re both friends with Greg… Then I noticed you’re a snowboarder, too… Ever go to Tahoe?” Then you’re starting a conversation right off the bat instead of just commenting on how attractive she is like every other guy did that messaged her that day.

Facebook dating is only hard for those that don’t have the right tools. Whether you want unlimited sex or a relationship with the perfect girl, you can get the answers on how to make that happen and so many more helpful tips for Facebook dating. Simply CLICK HERE and we’ll send you a short report for FREE that will take your internet “game” to a whole new level with methods that we couldn’t discuss in this article.

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