Facilitation Skills Training – An A to Z:Business and Body Language

by James.McDowell

Facilitation Skills Training – An A to Z:Business and Body Language

This is the second in a series of articles looking at and lifting the lid on the role of a modern day facilitator, a job and responsibility that has become all the more important in recent years, especially in the business sector.

In article one; we looked at the significance of agendas (amongst other things) in the world of facilitation and how the facilitator uses different approaches in various situations to achieve his or her aims.


In this short article, let’s take a brief look at and hold a magnifying glass up to something that is another crucial skill in the facilitator’s arsenal. Body language!

Much of the time a facilitator will be actively engaged in group or meeting situations. Once all the preparation and groundwork has been completed behind the scenes, this is the main stage or platform in which facilitation skills are utilised. Often, there will be many different personalities involved, all displaying their own unique set of mannerisms and body language.

As one of the goals of a facilitator is to see the group reach a consensus by the end of a meeting, it is therefore vital that not only does he or she have the ability to understand and interpret the various forms of body language being displayed by members of the group, but also to be able to use their own body language in pursuit of those main goals and guide the group through what can often be complicated and difficult scenarios.

Monitoring the body language of a group also enables the facilitator to note the levels of interest and commitment of each individual as well as being able manage any conflict if and when it arises

Facilitation skills training can help and prepare those seeking to become a facilitator and provide them with the tools required to succeed in such a demanding role.

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