Fashion looks best on women or men?

Question by Vega: Fashion looks best on women or men?
You really have to pick one or the other to even be considered a real answer

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Answer by AA

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I can watch women walk the runway all day long. I love the way they walk, the clothes, the style. But, when it comes to male models, it’s VERY VERY boring and nothing happens. And they just walk like ogres down the runway.

Women . There is nothing that is remotely attractive about men. Not fashion or anything else.

Men. Definitely men. Men wear fashion best because it’s a lot more simple and natural. Girls who wear fashion look over-done, complicated, or ugly. I believe beauty is more natural and fashion tends to flatter men’s appearances more than fashion flatters woman’s appearances.

gay men (can i say that?)

Well Made Clothes Look Good, Quality Shows 🙂

women,although i cant stand the skinny models (they look like men often!),


well that depends on the fashion but since i have to pick one i wil go with women because there is more verity there

Doc,i think women,they look so good.

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