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MRPORTER.COM is the online men’s style destination. For the ‘Back to Work’ instalment of our ‘Five Ways to Wear’ video series, MR PORTER’s Style Director Dan…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dawn Del Russo is an On-Air fashion expert seen on National TV Better TV, Fox 5 NY, CBS, NBC, InStyle Magazine, Life and Style Magazine, US Weekly for her fa…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Just wondering what’s the tune in the background? Very catchy.

If only that suit jacket fitted him…

“kind of”

I’m so in love with Dan May!

▶ Five ways To Wear: The Navy Suit — MR PORTER – YouTube

Five Ways To Wear | The Navy Suit
For the back to work instalment of our Five Ways to Wear series, we tackle
the cornerstone of every man’s working wardrobe: the navy suit. WATCH the
video at:

#MRPORTER #menswear 

2. for a summer wedding… really? jesus christ what happened to the poor
fellow? did he fell on his head?

This is just simply horrible. The short sleeves and sneakers just ruins it.

So far, the worst out of the series.

Except for No.3&4, this was an awful video! The stylist got it all wrong!

I agree. I also think the overall concept of these looks is refreshing and
gives a modern edge on classic menswear.

Create more videos please for this segment

I’d have used the polka dot pocket square in look #4. I think the roll neck
is too high in look #5, almost resembling a neck brace or one of those
ethnic neck-stretchers. None of these looks grab me (and I wear a lot of
navy suits in many ways), but I still look forward to and appreciate this

This model is too good looking… hurts my eyes

I hope you didn’t get a heart attack after you saw a model being dressed by
someone else. And I liked the monk strap shoes, so you forgot to write “In
my opinion” before starting you criticizing. Because it’s not a FACT that
they are horrible, it’s just your opinion.

Love it! Keep this series until the end of time

My favorite look is “Flawless Formality” ! Good job. I definitely love your
vids guys. ♥

Read the comments before watching the video. Was not expecting to be this
bad. It’s bad! Not even I, buying from trift shop, do not have a suit that

Tis not possible that in MR PORTER’s huge wardrobe of both clothes and
models, that this match was the closest. I felt the same way after watching
the video. This one did not deliver the smashing & splendid entertainment
and education that the others always do. I respect and adore MR PORTER, but
constructive criticism is far from a bad gesture.

Flawless as always!

Americans tend to wear t-shirts underneath proper shirts; Europeans tend to
eschew the tee. As for the “boxy” shape of the jacket, the shoulder is more
structured which is based upon preference, not necessarily upon rule. The
waist can easily be nipped by a tailor.

Without being too literal, my comment about the model not being able to
dress himself was in jest – you should calm down a little and be able to
take a joke. Yes in my opinion monk strap shoes is horrible so hopefully
that clarifies things.

Not totally my favorite looks but Dan May is a looker himself.

Is the model so incapable of dressing himself? Plus the sleeves is
comically short. Monk strap shoes are horrible and sneakers is hit and miss
with a suit.

You would probably go to a tailor after you get a suit from
(the same way you would tailor a suit you buy in the store to fit that
extra perfect). These are expensive garments and I bet sells
them afterwards so thats probably why they don´t customize them for the
videos as they would be useless to sell (they´ll lose money)

I need to get me a navy blazer =) I love blazers.

More of you in boots, please.

You are so beautiful. You have a beautiful smile!!!

Just bought a navy blazer. 🙂 Definitely 

Great video. Like you have done with the whole ensemble. A pair of classic
pumps or some nice knee length boots would have worked just as well. Where
did you get your dress, from? Looking forward to seeing more great videos!
Thank you very much for posting this! . . .

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