Flirting Formula ­ Book Review

by Dunechaser

Flirting Formula ­ Book Review

At first I thought this was another approach from a sleazy guy who was going to try to tell me how I can seduce women so they will want to jump in bed with me on the first date.

I was wrong.

Michael has class. 

The simple premise of this book is that some guys are naturally good around women and women are naturally attracted to certain guys (even if they are not comfortable with women).  Michael teaches you the traits that women are looking for in a man so you can either build up your confidence to approach them, or do what he suggests so women will naturally gravitate towards you.

Sounds simple.  Well, it is and it isnt.  Many of the ideas in the book were like lightbulbs going off.  A few were as simple as an article of clothing to put on (or wear a certain way) that will have women approaching you.  Or a simple, yet sincere greeting next time you see an attractive woman. Those were so easy and indeed got immediate results when I recently went out with some friends.

The tips on interjecting humor into my persona were a little more difficult.  They were great tips and suggestions but I’m not a naturally funny guy so those were harder to pull off.  Some guys would have an easier time with that chapter than I did.

Would I recommend it?  Well, I didn’t have 6 girls in my bed last week.  But neither was that my goal.  I did strike up a few conversations when women began approaching me and I have two dates lined up next week to go paddleboating and to see a play. 

My confidence is already soaring.  Just wish I hadn’t waited until I was 32 to get your Flirting Formula.

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