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The biggest nerd’s dating service video profile…and ladies, by some weird chance he’s still available…
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Wow, what a nerd.

true and be self? AWWWWWWW <3

Parents must be proud

Truth really is stranger than fiction

i like him ^^

Really guy, really?

that guy is such a playa

this isnt a joke

the nod at the end is the nerdiest nod

Of course this is a joke.

I’d fuck him

this has to be a joke.

Was this off of Comcast OnDemand’s dating profiles? That’s gotta be it. That was available for like..2 days.

and you have to mentioned imelda marcos, wow she is really popular.

hey, thats moostafar, he used to be in my guild in WOW. havent seen him for a long time till now, weeeeeee dating game 4tw.

dude he was in my warcraft guild. the die clan, his name was moostafar!!!!peace dyna

is this for real?

He’s actually a really nice guy. I talk to him on a regualr basis; he’s pretty funny.

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