Forbidden Patterns Review -Make Her Fall In Love With You By Changing Her Identity

by Ed Yourdon

Forbidden Patterns Review -Make Her Fall In Love With You By Changing Her Identity

Are you a man in the game of love? If your answer is a ‘Yes’, then Forbidden Patterns is an e-book that was created for someone like you, who wants to attract and seduce the opposite sex with a higher success rate.  

This e-book was written by Jack Ellis. According to him, he had been in the game of seduction for many years and had achieved great success. While he was looking for new techniques and new methods in seducing women, he came across the ‘October man’ (which teaches you patterns on changing a woman’s identity and make that new identity yours). He claimed that he bought the course on eBay for 99$, but later found out that the instructions in the course were not clear.  

He did a research on this pattern and later discovered a whole load of patterns and routines that inspired him to write this e-book. The patterns that are taught in the book can be applied on persuasion, hypnosis and seduction. Jack claims that you can use these patterns to help in all areas of your life.

Some of the patterns included:

1. The complete ‘October man’ sequence – The actual techniques of the ‘October man’ are revealed here.

2. The door – This technique teaches you how to make a woman feel panic and fear if you were to leave her.

3. Boyfriend destroying techniques – You are shown the most common problems in a relationship, and how you can benefits out of it.

4. Magic questions – The author tells you what are the questions that you can ask a woman in order to make her think that you know her better than her best friends.

If you have the ability to make a woman fall in love with you using Forbidden Patterns, who will be that woman? You might not know this secrets because it’s not in the open, but just imagine for a second…If you were to become fascinated – as you recognize you can, and you feel excited – because, it’s easy when you know how to make any women fall in love with you. Visit: Forbidden Patterns Review

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