Friends To Lovers And Back To Friends Again…

Dating Tips – I dated my best friend and broke up with him a week later. Now things are really weird. Will we ever be able to be friends again? Paul Carlson –
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I don’t think this is about maturity. If the guy still loves her, he can’t change that. Therefore, it would be hard for him to be just friends with her (at least at this point) because he still has feelings for her.

trust me at least 70% plus relationships fail after when trying this i mean u may find that they are some one you can hit up for a booty call which is cool but to be really good close friends like yall was before prolly aint gonna work out all that well but if it does please do post a youtube video unlike our fat bald friend who obviously is being walked all over by who ever hes with i bet he/she hits him

holy shit bro, the exact same thing is goin on with me too

and everytime we do see each other or text or whatever its really akward. am i setting myself up for a disaster after summer? am i really going to be able to get her back? or did i ruin my chances already? please message me back with some kind of answer. its been driving me absolutly insane!

me and my bestfriend started dating. we were going out for about 3 months. everything was going perfect. then summer came around. she wanted to take a break because she would be very busy over summer. she wants to be just friends right now. she knows i still love her and i dont know how to treat her as just a friend. everytime i talk to her or see her i feel like if i can’t call her my own then i don’t want to be around her at all. so i’ve been trying to stay away from her this summer.

You know what? I personally think you should stay away from him he’s only looking for a blow job per say….for your own happiness and sanity i say leave him, stay away it is abvious he doesnt want you as a friend, im sorry but he’s just using you. Find someone else a REAL friend or boyfriend that will treat you right and really love you and care for you. I say stop letting him waste UR time and energy. 🙂

what the hell is going on


it’s because we’re horny. yeah i know it’s simple but it’s true. and there are a lot of use who don’t like the whole relationship thing, or even the friendship thing because it’s a label and it implies obligation. and a lot of us, after we get it, are lazy, because we already got it

hey, i know your probably busy but i have a qeustion sorta related…. i was friends with this guy for a short time then we started going out and he dumped me and i was upset. but, we still hung out and sometimes we would hook up and i felt bad most of the time. i usually cried afterward and he would aplolgize and wait untill i was done crying to leave. but, realistically i know that he doesen’t want a relationship and i can accept that but why can’t he be my friend and treat me like a friend?

The friends zone blows

I’m very sorry for you 🙁

PS. me and her are bf and gf now.. just sayin

same thing with me but he liked me too nd i asked him out nd he said IDK nd then the next day it came up again and he told me he needs space to think and then he tells m theres a girl he really likes now……………….

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I love my best friend but she doesn’t even like me more then a best friend…my heart is broken…once again

he was my first… i was young, blind and immature… all the things that he didwell firslt i didnt know any better and secondlly i was so IN love i forgave everything he did.

and one day out of the blue… i grew up… and i saw what he was doing was wrong and i left him.

It took you 4 years to realize he is jerk? Something doesn’t add up.

I’m still friends with my ex-boyfriends, but we spent time away from each other before we became friends again (you know, to get over each other)

Matour Matourity. i like how he enunciates the T. isnt it Mature Maturity?

Hmm Well in my own opinion for a guy and a girl to be friends its hard because eventually either one feels for that person Unless there Completely not your type and when i mean completely i mean 100%

i agree… dated mine for 4 years. turned out to be a total jerk. now i cant even look at him anymore.


its not that easy…especially if u dated ur friend for over a year…trying to be just friends afterward is hard

you misspelled “than” in the title
sorry i just happened to notice

When someone is into the other they are never really friends. because one person is just waiting to get a shot. and if they don’t they move on.

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