Funny Poker Stories Provide Relief for Tense Players

by Tattoo_Lover

Funny Poker Stories Provide Relief for Tense Players

In the high-stakes world of online poker, a little humor is always welcome to break the tension and provide some much-needed levity. Online poker forums are full of humorous stories that poker pros and amateurs love to share with each other. These stories usually fall into several categories.

The mistaken win. In these anecdotes a player insists he or she has a winning hand in spite of clarifications offered by the dealer and the other players. One of the most infamous of these stories involves a player who believed a hand of Queen-King-Ace-Two-Three constituted a straight flush.  Another story involves two players whose hole cards both made a straight flush with the five community cards displayed on the table, resulting in a split pot. However, one of the players insisted that the King he held as one of his hole cards constituted a kicker that gave him the win even though the card was not part of the straight. There are also stories involving players who mistakenly fold with hands that could have given them the win. One example is a player who held pocket kings (two kings) but folded even though the community cards already on the table would have given him an unbeatable full house.

The bad beat. Bad beats are situations in which a player with a perceived stronger hand is still beaten by a player who has what is seen to be a weaker hand and/or is playing badly. One example involves a player who had pocket jacks who called when he should have folded and lost to a player with a six and a three. While these stories may not necessarily be humorous (at least not to the losing player), they have developed into a vital subgenre of poker stories, becoming cautionary tales warning players against becoming too cocky or playing without discipline.

Jokes. Poker players love jokes, no matter how corny they are and there are a lot of jokes out there that have been told so many times that everybody must know them already, but they still get retold over and over. One classic joke asks the difference between a man praying in church and a man praying when he’s down at the poker table. The answer? The one at the poker table actually means it. Another joke involves a young boy who, at the age of six, had never uttered a single word even though medical tests showed that, physically, he had nothing wrong with him. In order to spend as much time with the boy as possible, his father would take him along to his Thursday night poker games.  One night, after a particularly bad losing streak, the father blew a hand, and the boy said, “Dad, that was the wrong call.” The surprised father embraced him and said, “My God, this is the first time you’ve ever spoken.” The boy then replied, “Well, dad, you’ve been playing just fine until now.”

There are many more funny poker stories out there to help take the sting off a particularly bad loss. But the main benefit of these humorous stories is to remind all poker players that, ultimately, poker is just a game and you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

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