Gill Coast Sport Jacket at West Marine

Gill’s Coast Sport Jacket is perfect for coastal and inshore sailing. Jacket features are shown in this video from West Marine. For more info visit http://ww…

Cortech GX Sport Air 3.0 Jacket Review…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Bought this jacket at the beginning of last season. It is amazing. very
comfortable. nice build quality. I’ll most likely buy the new version
when it’s released.

Which would you prefer, this or the rev’it airwave? It seems like they are
both awesome, but this one has the added ability to be used more than just
for summer.

I bought this jacket a few week ago. It fits great and is very comfortable.

Stevan did a great job rocking the Cortech line! ~Ali

I have other jackets for colder weather. It’s all about heat.

Despite his burly stature, he’s a super chill dude. ~Ali

Stevan always wins. ~Ali

Stephen’s giving me a stare-down. Must concentrate on narrator… arrrrrgh,
damn, impossible! Stephen wins!

If anything, the Cortech flows more air. The advantage to the Airwave is
its strength and protection. -CK

You mean Burly Steve? Yea, he is intense like that! -CK

I mean, both flow a ton of air, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t make the
decision based solely on airflow since they both rock in that department.

I’m liking the looks of this white jacket a lot more than my trusty JR
Phoenix 5.0 jacket, but I’m doubting any jacket will flow more air than the
Phoenix and, ultimately, airflow is all that matters here in south Florida
(unless, like many do, riders stop riding during the summer). I didn’t even
get to wear my ‘winter’ riding jacket more than once this year. Anyone have
any first-hand experience with the Joe Rocket Phoenix vs. this jacket?

I bought the Tour master version of this coat. Love it. I wish the Cortech
version was available then.

Really, I would have thought the airwave would flow more (at least based on
looks, it seems like it is entirely mesh). This jacket seems like a steal

Does the airwave flow way more air compared to the cortech or are they
pretty similar? I want the best jacket for summer, but for pretty much the
same price, the benefits of the cortech are swaying my decision

Hell yeah…he’s got the 1000 yd. stare. I would hate to see that dude get
pissed off. He’d win a fight just in the stare down. LMAO!!

This guy doesn’t break eye contact…

Love it for the big guy.

Not a lot of info. regarding how well the jacket is in very hot weather.
That’s the point for me. Well?

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