GIRLS ONLY: Men wearing pink?

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Question by Fudgezilla: GIRLS ONLY: Men wearing pink?
Do girls like it when men wear pink? Is it gay to wear pink or shows confidence and masculinity? I tried on this pink beanie and my sister says I should wear it and that I look good wearing it… I don’t care what other guys think just don’t want girls to get the wrong idea and think I’m gay. and if it isn’t gay what are some good colours to wear with it?

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I really hate people who are so scared of being gay. Like its the worst thing in the world

Honestly I dont care if a man wears pink or blue or gray or black or red or purple. It really is just a color.

Some people can rock it im assuming you look gay anyway though. Do it man nothing wrong with it

I think certain shirts in pink look good on men.
pink and black, pink with jeans, pink and gray.

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At the end of the eighties, it was quite fashionable for men to wear colour, including pink. True enough, it suited some of them.

However, I think darker colours are more sexy on a man.

Im saying this as a girl:
I think it perfectly fine for a guy to wear a little bit of pink. (like a beanie, not an outfit.) however there are always going to be those people who just love to call everything gay and make fun of people. so I would be ok with it, but people just suck sometimes.

i don’t like when a guy who is trying to impress me wears pink. it’s not so much that i think they’re gay, it’s just a color htat doesn’t flatter men, and makes me think they’re cocky because they’re TRYING to seem confident and that they’ve never been in a real fight.

Men that wear pink are cool 🙂
Seriously, the stereotypical people are just being ignorant and stupid if they think wearing a specific color describes the person’s sexuality.

My father has a few pink shirts (mostly polo-like), and it really looks cool on him 🙂 – No one ever says anything about the shirts and he’s a sociable person. 🙂

A pink touch to the outfit is cool, however, guys with weird, dyed, spiky hair, pink shirts with GLITTER on them, cheap and odd looking glasses, really skinny jeans, skull belts and bright&colorful shoes, piercings, diamond earrings, and stuff like that, are really not cool looking in my opinion (not stereotyping, kay?) :/ – most people I’ve seen dressing like that were gypsy douche-bags.
Pink is just like any other color. What’s the big deal?

Ever heard of “Tough men wear Pink”?

Anyways, feel free to wear whatever you want and whatever looks good on you.
People who judge by the color of your vestments are really not worth looking at ;).

Well if ur not wearing hot pink or a colour closer to that, u r fine

I LOVE when guys wear pink. It is my favorite color for guys to wear. It shows me that he is man enough to wear it. I say a pink polo with dark wash jeans is always cute. And in my opinion is someone told me I looked like a fag and I was a guy wearing pink I would tell them to suck it. If you have the confidence you should wear it, it shows people your not afraid of being more interesting than the other guys.
-hope this helps <3

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