Girls/Women: Would you date with this “macho-man”?

by Ed Yourdon

Question by José Ferreira: Girls/Women: Would you date with this “macho-man”?
this guy is pretending to be the greatest “macho-man” in Portugal.
He says he already dated and f****** thousands of women, specially foreigners.
what do you think?
here’s a little movie:
to Truth hurts: oh yes! those dance moves are really something!

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Answer by Ashes

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no….I dont think he is attractive at all

no i have a thing for good looking people. LOL.

ha ha ha, thats really funny…

especially the dance moves at the end is what really turns me on.. ooh ooh!

I swear with all of my belifs he hadn’t make
s*ex REGULARLY since more than 2 years
at least ,if not more
HE IS CLEVER,geographical memory is
ok,good heart ,forgives other mistakes
but …? no

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