Good Men’s Fashion Pics?!?!?

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by CalinChiorean

Question by mikeyjamesmusic: Good Men’s Fashion Pics?!?!?
Does anyone know a good page where you can look at mens fashion pictures to get style ideas? Thanks!

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Answer by Pretty ‘n’ Pink
Try these sites:

Or I could give you style idea’s like here are some pictures of good men’s fashion.

starting off with a good jacket like these:

Then a nice shirt but a good looking shirt like and number 1.tip every man should have a least 3 collar shirt:’s%20Avanti%20Garment%20Washed%20T-shirts.jpg

Now some men could wear writing on there t-shirt but that’s is called a throw on shirt.

Ok, now for the pants starting off with the jeans:

Now for the khaki pants:’s_Regular_Relaxed_Fit_Khaki_Cargo_Pants.jpg

Now shoes:

-office/dating/church/wedding/meetin family shoes:

hanging with friends shoes:

ties are used for work,wedddings,family occasion,going out and there all about coordiantion because ties must look good on some one and can match the occasion also’s men but them on shirts and add a jacket then it is casual tie:

Then fix the hair get some socks and your ready to go anywhere!

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