Good men’s hair style?

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by Andy in Tokyo

Question by : Good men’s hair style?
I’m looking to get a really fresh good looking haircut. Any suggestions? If so please let me know how to maintain that style( ex. Gel, pomade, conditioner, etc.) Thanks I appreciate it!

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Answer by Steve
You didn’t state how long your hair is or if you were looking for a short, medium or long style. Also don’t know your hair type or head shape, face shape, frontal hair line, neck shape or facial features. A regular taper cut or one of the short pomp styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- suit most combinations of male head shape, face shape, frontal hair line, neck shape or facial features.
regular taper cut:
ivy league:
crew cut:
More on classic short summer cuts at this answer. The first two links contained therein are quite informative:
Grooming a regular taper cut is just a matter of drying it with a towel or blow dryer till it is mostly dry and then brushing or combing it into place. When completely dry, a few quick very light sprays of a max hold spritz at the front will keep it in place except when the wind is really blowing.
For an ivy league or crew cut:
1) After showering, towel dry hair.
2)Barely dip fingertips in jar of control wax.
3) Transfer wax to palms.
4)Smooth palms over top and then sides and back of head.
5) Brush hair up off forehead to form short pompadour front.
Take a photo of whatever style you decide on to help describe it to the barber or stylist. If you need more photos let me know.
Good Luck!

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