hair styling product? (men)?

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Question by Mark: hair styling product? (men)?
i’m wondering what the best kind of hair styling product would be, I’m half chinese and my hair always goes fluffy after i get out the shower so i use a product to stop that, i have very thick hair so sometimes some products don’t really hold it for me.

normally i like to have a relatively tidy look on the back and sides and then mess it up a bit on the top, my hair is quite long, my fringe comes down to the bottom of my eye, when my hair is shorter i like to do a bit with my fringe so i’ll put it up or something like that.

at the moment i’m using tigi bedhead wax but also sometimes i use vo5 surf style wax, i was wondering if there’s any products which i should be using that are more suitable for thick long hair?

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Answer by Sur La Mer
HAND LOTION: Matthew Morrison keeps his hair soft and smooth by using body lotion instead of styling products.
Matthew Morrison uses body lotion in his hair. The 32-year-old actor- best known for playing teacher Will Schuester in musical TV drama ‘Glee’ – claims his biggest beauty secret is his unusual choice of product for his locks, which he says makes them smooth and soft. He said: “My hair is very soft, right? It’s because I put Lubriderm in it. It’s just body lotion. “I used to use gel and products, but my hair got kind of hard. Then, one day I ran out of whatever I was using and that was the only thing there, this lotion. It ended up being the best my hair ever looked.” Matthew’s hair is often the subject of jokes in ‘Glee’ but he insists he doesn’t mind because everyone is mocked on the show.

My dh have used that since Aug. 2011. His hair is softer, smoother, silkier & not frizzy or pouffy.

Justin Timberlake:
Singer-actor Justin Timberlake, who has naturally curly locks, says he tries not to use too many hair products because they don’t control it.
“I am low maintenance all the way. It does not take me long. I find the more stuff I put in my hair, the more it sort of fights it. And I don’t wash my hair a lot to be honest because I noticed it damages my hair more,” quoted Timberlake as saying.

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Everyone’s hair is different. What others find great and are popular might not necessary work on your hair.

Only way to find out is experiment and find what you like best and works well with your hair.

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