Harris Tweed Demystified & Blazer, Sport Jacket or Suit Jacket – Know What You Are Selling

Harris Tweed demystified. Increase your profits by watching & learning to spot the details of a better quality Harris Tweed jacket. Better quality jackets al…
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Thank you so much for the great information, my question is how can you
tell the difference between a blazer and a suit coat? I still have a
problem with this.

You missed that the Harris tweed must be woven on the Isle of Lewis and
Harris, not just anywhere in Scotland.

I found a orvis harris twead with hearing bone fabric, is that rare or is
it a average sport jacket to find?

Hello,hello CV …Is there going to b more vids this Yr D: ???
Your vidoes are so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …..I ve learned so much
…..let Us all know !!!!!!!

That was fascinating! I had an awesome Harris way back, got it taken out
then gave it away; a shame as now I’m back to my old slim self and it was a
hummer, very Harvard, but sporty with some purple in it. Nice to know about
this stuff! I have a closet full, still giving away, maybe I shouldn’t?

You’re welcome, thanks for stopping by to watch it.

Thank you so much!!!! I learned a ton. I love your videos.

Thank you mystiqueboutique, I appreciate it! 🙂

Thank you for this. Very informative.

Thank you linda, thanks for always being a kind & supportive viewer. 🙂 I
wish you’d make us some videos too! Hounds tooth, like tweed, according to
Vogue & other fashion mags is going to be hot this fall winter 2013
season…esp. black & white hounds tooth..got to get mine listed!

You’re welcome! Thanks for watching.

Lets hear it for Cherry!!! Thanks a million. That was so generous of you to
do this video for us. Excellent info we can all use! Now, about
houndstooth…… lol

Wow! Thats alot of good information! Thanks for making this video it should
out me and others out alot. I’m gonna have to watch it again tomorrow
night. I bought 15…. umm mens garments… I wont call them blazers but am
not sure what to call them yet. I think I might have to look at them while
watching this video to see what they are. Thanks again, great video!

You are welcome! Glad it helped & thanks for watching 🙂

Very helpful vid thanks

Thank you Ann! I appreciate you watching & commenting!! Hopefully the tips
will help you spot the bigger money scores amongst the bread & butter ones

I love learning about stuff too! Thank you for watching, much appreciated!

Yep, that’s right pal, just over 30 years & nope didn’t wear vintage at 5
but thanks for the compliment! 🙂 Yes, tweed can be a home run – get the
better BRAND name labels w/ the ADDITIONAL Harris Tweed label & look for
the classic English design. Plus be sure to put in keywords JACKET and/or
COAT not just blazer as few are truly blazers and their manufacturer lists
them on their website as a SPORT JACKET or SPORT COAT.

i love it when make videos i wish make more

Sure! just post a video of it….show tags, views of inside & outside of
the jacket some up close details. Just describe it as best you can. Then
let me know the video is up & I’ll be happy to come over to your channel &
comment to let you know what I think it could sell for and why. Thanks for
watching! BTW tweed is predicted to be the most “on trend” fabric for
Fall/Winter 2013, so we should see tweed garments doing well on ebay.

Really good information. Also, very true about listing jackets as a BIN or
BIN with best offer – I see so many sold listings for jackets where the
seller could have gotten a good deal more money had they used an BIN and
just been willing to wait a bit.

I enjoy your videos, would consider doing a video discussing the pros and
cons of Auction vrs BIN as selling strategies?

CHERRY V!!!! Thanks for the info! 🙂

Wow! Love this very helpful video! Thank you!

I have a Harris Tweed that I I need to list. I found it at an estate sale.
Would you mind helping me price it? I have been waiting for the fall/cooler
weather to list it.

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