hatin on the blazers?

by dalechumbley

Question by BLAZER♥Giirl91: hatin on the blazers?
i hate when people say blazers suck, every team has and does have their up and downs. but right now blazers are highhhhh!

i also hate when people are giving oden crap. he’s still very young and has plenty of time to make up for it!
im reallly looking forward to the playoffs!

and to all the haters, WATCH OUT NEXT SEASON!
blazers will be even BETTTTER!

mad love!!!!!!

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Answer by D-Wade is THE MVP OF 09′
I AGREE WITH U… go blazers

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The Blazers do not suck. They are the 6th seed in the playoffs. Even the Suns don’t suck. My opinion is that if any team should get kicked out of the playoffs is Dallas. They are barely holding on, and are not as good as the previous seasons.

EDIT: To the answer above me what fan are you? First you say youre a Heat fan, then a Rockets, then a Hawks, now a Blazers.

#1 Rockets Fan

Good to know. Today the Trail-Blazers will lose…. Sorry to say but the Lakers are better.

Have you seen Greg Oden? He is ugly!

Sorry I only care about the Bobcats.

lakers win…

Blazers are aiight. Brandon Roy is the real deal, but Oden over Durrant is turning into Darko over Carmello!!

I see the Blazers are rising back to what they were back in the 90’s.

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