Hedley – Sweater Song (Studio Version)

Enjoy! (:

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@ForeverYoung006 Yes i saw them live too when he jumped into the crowd i was right there but was way to squished to like hug him or anything lmfao! HEDLEY rocks!

Whew, Im gonna die. Right here.

This is me and my boyfriends song <3 I love you A.A.H <3

There fricken amazing,… I saw them at Deer Lake in Vancouver.. They sound the same on the radio when they are live.. :):):)

@Darkestsides 12 now!! lol (im not one of them!! i like this song! )

hands down,
cutest song ever.

these guys are freakinf fantastic reaslly nice i was lucky enough to meet them went to their concert absolutly freaking amazing great show

@toheezymike Ha, i was there to. They were AMAZING! (:

Jacob Hoggard is GOD!!

Eleven people don’t have anyone to give a sweater or shirt to.

Saw them last night! This was their closing song and it made the night even better 🙂

Saw them for my fourth time on monday, this time in cornwall ON. Can’t get enough of them.

Such a sweet song! ^^

@TheBabiiJai in sault sainte marie? cuz if so i was there, (L)

11 people have no taste!

They were so fuckin good last night ,
they know how to put on a good show <3

i love this song it is so sweet the first time i herd this song i cryed i love hedley so much!!


awww <3 :'( this was mine and mi boyfriends song when we were giong out cuz he moved to quebec :'( :'(

i love this song so much! 🙂 I saw there concert, which was AMAZING!! 🙂 they closed with this song, which is jacob’s favourite song <3

saw them at Deer Lake yesterday!! Great concert!!

this song just makes me miss him so much..

haha this IS a sick song, but there old albums are better (not saying that i don’t love the new one), and you if your a hedley fan you should look up jeremiah, the show must go song and all you get is sound

na na na na na na na na na..xD so cute in live!! 2/09/10!

Cool guys naughty woman here mworld5.info

yea, you aren’t fat. you are just chubby. right?

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modling seems so interesting but i can’t be in it unless i’m really fit i’m looking alright i’m not fat i’m average

fantastic video!

alright, i’m training to be a model and i’ve gotten heaps of comments that im “too skinny”
sure theres plenty of models (and any other girls) who starve themselves to try and be a certain size. just dont forget that some girls (like myself) have really fast metabolisms and we CANT GAIN WEIGHT
seriously, these some of these comments are really insulting. its like being called unnatural or ugly when youre naturally who youre supposed to be.


@mschocolate1231 its always about the ppl u know that can make someone successful, i got into modeling because a friend of mine is a model,, maybe u know a good photographer or someone related into the modeling business that could help u get into modeling, good luck!

@My7Bloody7Romance i think she looks good like that, some ppl dont look good skinny cause their bone structure is made for them to have a bit more weight but she looks great…
i wish i could be that skinny but i cant =(

it’s alright, but that model is just so skinny, and it only fits the stereotype :c

she’s got a lovely face though… but her skinny body, and serious facial expressions make her look more like she’s starving, than empowering.

Haha the lady called the girl “Nikki” and the text said Mindy…

she is beautiful but she is tooo thin…

@panadesu Gee, I don’t know… Two words: Pleasantly & Plump

I’m not trying to ‘hate’ on the model, but she needs some meat on those bones.


The model is hiding her neck in every pose!




@nectamann , Sorry, I really didn’t mean it like that at all. I’m not hating this video. By the way, you seem almost over-offensive. Any good reason to react this way?

(by the way, I kinda have the opposite problem, if you can believe it, but that isn’t anyone elses fault, it’s my own.)

how do u… start off and become a model

thankss forr thee tipss
im a model and this
is really helpful ( :

omg she needs to eat something

are ppl really gonna hate on that model? models are tall AND thin…dumbasses. jealous fat people pftttt

shes hawt lol

Lmao, i know right?

Cool! I needed this, I have a photo shoot on Tuesday.

@flowiej no models have to be the requierment size u stupid idiot!!! bet ur just FAT!!!! FAT BITCH

Hilarious – that’s the most wooden model I’ve ever seen!

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