High School Prom – Young Man Style Advice – Dressing Sharp On Prom Night – Fashion Tips

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Around 7:00pm on November 4th, 2011, I received a phone call from my roommate, Jarrett, letting me know that he was on his way home. Apparently my other room…
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I really love black and my girlfriend does too, ignore my gmail picture
it’s a fake beard. But anyways I love black and my girl does too we aren’t
Gothic or nothing lol but it’s our color, would it be just to strange to
wear a all black everything for prom, I mean I hate the white shirt and
black tie thing it’s to simple for me

Watching this with a guy friend. But you can always have a good friend tie
your tie, I’m a girl and I tied a lot of my guy’s ties :)

how about wearing a nice suit to prom? does it have to be a tux?

Yeah hey thanks for doing this, from my username you can tell I’m turning
16 this year and in my country (Singapore) I’m going to have a promish
event, so again very helpful, but maybe you could slip in some pictures?
Cos for some of the terms I wasn’t really familiar with them…. But

Should I go with a vest and bow tie or just a tie ? 

Would you recommend a vest or a cumberbund (don’t know how to spell) for

Good on ya for advising the kiddos to use their head. good tips too


@ivraalia That’s great to hear — thanks!

That’s what I really like about these videos, that end part, about telling
us to stay safe, it doesn’t have anything to do with style, but it’s just a
little personal bit that shows that he actually cares about his viewers,
and that to me is really something fantastic.

well I don’t like to hear it but you’re probably right.

Hi I am wanting advice for my son. He is going to Junior High Formal, 9th
grade. He wants to go vintage, but I am unsure about this. Is it still
fairly stylish to go vintage? I am afraid his girlfriend might refuse to
get in the car with him if he goes to retro.

You are welcome!

Thank you, so so much. So much.

what’s your point i paid like $150 for my suit from h&m it wasn’t expensive
and probably costed as much as a rental. You don’t know what the hell
you’re talking about

Prom in the UK is coming up and this helped me out. Cheers:-)

Couple more days till prom and i didnt know what to wear but thanks to you
i know what i must wear thanks

What do you think of a suit with a vest and as tie that matches your date?
Or is always the tux?

Hi I’m wondering if it’s possible to go a bit more casual and just go with
a navy suit with maybe a red tie instead of the traditional black tux + bow
tie? Everyone wears black and I just thought it’d be better to go with
something different. Interested in your opinion.

man i wish this guy was my dad

i have a date and i’m a junior and am dating a girl to snow dance which is
a type of prom at my high school, a lot of my friends wear like shirts ties
and suit jackets and that’s what i have my study skills teacher reccomended
that i wear a tie that matches the girl’s dress

I feel bad for some of the guys he is referring too- all men need to be
able to have the courage to simply talk to female.

You are welcome.

Go look at gq. Way better style advice.

Yea… ’cause guys like to wrestle at prom… Lol im jus messin’ with you
🙂 I’m pretty sure people know what you mean by “fun” lol

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