Hollywood Birds – The Actors

A few nice humour images I found:

Hollywood Birds – The Actors
Image by DonnaGrayson
I shot this picture of a flock of birds in Hollywood.
Then I realized the buildings of Hollywood are behind them.

I could not resist turning them into Actors on an audition.
I have a few more like this in the works.

In case you don’t know the terms:

Cattle Call is a massive audition where all sorts of actors show up. There will be a line around the block, with hundreds of people. I refuse to go to these anymore. I prefer to go on auditions where they are looking specifically for my "Type".

A "Type" is when they want a certain character. A Midwestern Mom type, A Business woman Type, A Super Model Type. Or a "Nicole Kidman" type.

"Agents" – its best to have an Agent, though they are hard to get. An Agent will send you out on the serious Union, and more professional auditions. Getting your auditions via an Agent is usually better than getting them out of Acting Newspapers.

View alittle Larger Helps you see the buildings in the background. The Capitol Records Building is on the right, Hollywood Taft Building is in the center.

Second pic in the set Is Here

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this is great on so many levels 🙂

I do agree with Faria. Aside from being good fun, this is an interesting image/metaphor/statement about many people flocking toward a common limited objective.

So that is what birds are talking about when they are all gathered around lol

haha i’ve seen those damn birds at the arclight parking structure too. they all sit on the ledge in a row. i always wondered what they were talking about!

Faria and P Doodle – yes, there are so many ways to look at this.
Maybe this is really how I feel when I am out on an audition – like I am one of so many in a flock of birds !

Juan and kodachrome kid – I think everyone in Hollywood talks like this at one time or another. If you
aren’t an actor, your a screenwriter or a director – LOL !

Yes – this was great fun to do. And it is an interesting statement. I hope to post more like this soon.

Great! Great! Great!

Well done !

Very well done Donna! Great pic 🙂

Donna, great education. Looks like the white one’s agent mislead him. Don’t think he’s the right type. Good photo and dialogue.

Very amusing. 😀

Donna…Unless I’m mistaken this is the parking lot where the Brown Derby was. I was in there when I was a kid. It was on Vine just south of the Taft Bldg.

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