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Great tips here for multi-session event fashion!

@vonggg – GREAT question. When I go bowling I wear a purple lounge suit and

@ChickenParmHero – I’ve decided to get a little wild in these videos. Don’t
be suprised if I start drinking a beer in my next vid 🙂 Haha!

@MaxCheesy We’ve done a few videos on dressing for younger men in general,
but we can take a look at casual style specifically. I’ll add it to our

I’m from a rural town in Tennessee, and I have know my share of Pastors. I
sort of feel like most people in this sort of a community have realistic
notions about how their Pastors are going to dress. Most dress in suits and
ties. I don’t think this ever causes anyone to feel alienated. Just a

@avenancius – You’re right about the footwear – keep it sharp and invest in
the best you can afford.

@ncarver1987 – I agree – it really depends on the man and the gentleman
that asked this question is new to the area I believe.

@EldeMit – You are welcome sir!

Can you make a video to dress casually for young men around 16.

I see you left the third button undone in this video. Is that appropriate /
alright to do?

@skypilot4life – Thank you sir!

Hi, I like your outfit. Do you mind if I ask what trousers you are wearing?

Another great video. Well done sir and thank you for all these. They’re
very helpful.

how do you adjust to go bowling in a suit?

I totally agree for a man described on this video a casual look with a
touch of a sportcoat fits right for all types of occasions giving yourself
a touch of respect…. Good quality shoes will be the basics of the outfit,
believe me, you wanna have very good quality shoes for your outfit, even a
man with jeans looks more respectable spoken wearing black shoes …

Looking good in that suit sir!

@fantasypills – I like the fit – but I could make the shoulders 1/2 smaller
– it’s really about personal preference and proportion.

@BullorTrue That you are!

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