How can I learn about men’s fashion?

Question by adklsjfklsdj: How can I learn about men’s fashion?
I wanna be more fashionable, but I have nowhere really to turn. I go to a college thats in a really cold city and it seems that nobody likes wearing more than sweats anywhere. Where should I go (online/magazines?) to see good examples of current fashion?

Also, where could I get a nice heavy short-sleeved double breasted coat? Thanks in advance

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Answer by Kayla S

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Magazines are another good bet, but I would be aware of certain things that never go out of style such as button down shirts with vertical stripes, cargo pants, dark wash jeans, sports jackets, and dress slacks are pieces that can be mixed and matched around. Those items haven’t gone out of style yet, whereas certain trends in magazines will come and go. I’m a girl, trust me… it sucks when you spend money trying to keep up with a trend only to have it go out 6 months later…

You can ask you friends, read magazines and also you can search on the internet what are trendy fashion for men in any age.

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