How can i style my hair.(men)?

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by Oleh Slobodeniuk

Question by Julio: How can i style my hair.(men)?
My hair is literally standing up on all sides and on top. It wont go down for anything. My hair is thick compared to a girls hair. I usually get it cut short but i don’t like it short, it looks weird on me. I have baby face. Im 15. Ive been called a porcupine because of my hair always sticking up. Is there any suggestions on how i can style my hair and a link to a pic would be nice. Thank you

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Answer by Bob
take some gel rub it on a brush and then brush your hair.

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Styling your hair usually takes at least half an inch of length, ideally one inch. Men’s styling is sort of similar to women’s styling but a comb tends to be used more for men. Depending on your hair type you will use a different type of comb. for the men’s hair combs go to the Manly Curls page below (browse down to the combs section):

Also, depending on the men’s hairstyle, you can either go with a comb or your fingers for styling. Have a look at this quick list of men’s hairstyles compiled by the community Barbershop Forums:

As you can see there are many hairstyles to choose from that require either fingers or a comb. The instructions to style the hairstyles is obviously different but rest assured styling men’s hair is so much. easier than styling women’s hair, I’m telling you from experience!! 🙂 Hope that helped you.

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