How come good looking people are rarely funny ?

by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)

Question by jackie: How come good looking people are rarely funny ?
If you look at comedians or funny people – they usually are funny looking.

How come good looking/beautiful people are not that funny ?

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Answer by Bieber<333333
I’ve always wondered that, too…..

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I don’t know of any really ugly comedians. Except that Carrot Top guy. And Kramer from Seinfeld.

they dont think they have to be cus there looks will get them anything they want (they think) x

I’m afraid to make a funny comment because you might assume I’m ugly.

what a load of crap you talk lol!!!

lol. good Q.
Cause goodlooking re too busy being ‘goodlooking’. its sad but true.
Funny people re people looking for ways to make others like them or be attracted to them by being funny. Thats the only way they can make up for their lack of goodlooks.
whereas goodlooking poeple seem to have it all, thus they dont need to try too hard at anything.

gee Jerry , I’m insulted!

they are quite very sophesticated.. and dont want to make fun of themselves in public..

Supposedly its because ugly people dont catch others attention easily.
So by being funny, and ‘out there’.. people love them for their personality instead.
Saying this, I know a lot off boring ugly people and hilarious hot guys 😉

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