How do I wear my blazer?

Question by DancerGirl44: How do I wear my blazer?
I just got this black blazer
and I’m not really sure how to wear it??!
Sorry! I think this link will work better!
The first link doesn’t work!!! Try the one under “Additional Details”

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Answer by bellahoney
link doesnt work, but you could pair a blazer with almost any outfit.

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it said it temp. unavailable

1. The link is not working but I’ll guess what it looks like since I own many blazers.
2. Khaki or plaid bottoms are great if you are preppy. Lilly Pulitzer skirts are AMAZING with blazers
3. Shoes: Sperry’s or Oxfords or any other type of ballet flats
4. Jewelry: Pearls or diamonds are always in style
5. Headbands or hair bows
I don’t really know your fashion style so sorry if you don’t really like these, but these are very preppy.

EDIT: Okay the link is working now. I love it by the way! I still think the things above will still look good.

Getting that out of the way, I’d just like to say that they are so unbelievably versatile I’d pass out telling you all the ways you can wear it.

We’re in the dead of summer, and I assume where you are (that you’re getting Nordstroms’ Service) it is hot. If you wear the blazer over khaki, black, or navy shorts with a v-neck tucked in, in the front. Roll the sleeves up, accessorize with a statement necklace, hoop earrings and loose bracelets (generally hemp) and pop on gladiator sandals or colorful oxfords, and you’ve got a lovely outfit.

For the fall months, you can still wear your summer dresses by adding a blazer over top, or alternatively wearing your summer shorts, with neutral tights, a neutral shirt and the blazer.

In winter you can wear it with skinny jeans, knee-high riding boots, flats, or Keds/Toms, a simple v-neck or graphic t-shirt, a brown woven belt, a warm plaid scarf, and a fun top-knot.

I suggest going to as they, like me, seem to love their blazers.

Good luck!!! xxoo

If you want to dress it up, pair it with a dress and matching black pumps. If you’re just wearing it to school or somewhere casual, try putting a floral-ish shirt under or a very casual dress with flats to dress it down. Long necklaces are great for blazers too! I personally like to wear jeans with mine, the blazer makes the outfit a little edgier 😉

Check out this link for TONS of outfit ideas. Hope this helped!

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