How do you approach questions like “Can a man become a woman?”?

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Question by Gnu Diddy!: How do you approach questions like “Can a man become a woman?”?
Some say “born a man, always a male”. Others say sex or gender are very flexible.

On what basis do you support either claim?

Some things Wittgenstein wrote which I find apropos (two versions of a similar aphorism):

Philosophical investigations: conceptual investigations. The essential thing about metaphysics: it obliterates the distinction between factual and conceptual investigations. (Z § 458)

Philosophical investigations: conceptual investigations. The essential thing about metaphysics: that the difference between factual and conceptual investigations is not clear to it. A metaphysical question is always in appearance a factual one, although the problem is a conceptual one. (RP i § 949)

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Answer by some-yank
You need no more evidence than Westlife.

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The truth (and I”m sorry to give this answer to a question with such good details) is that I believe this type of question is usually a deliberate attempt at trolling, so I give it a wide berth and don’t post a reply up.

It’s fairly evident that the medical science can exact reasonable physical transformations, and there is some medical evidence to suggest that men and women can be born as (in very poor laymans terms) a man in a womans body.

I don’t know how much the philosophical arguments matter, in the general sense, as these questions apply to individual people looking at fairly drastic surgeries and hormone replacement, who need good councilors and doctors to help them work out what is for the best.

But as I say, I tend to leave well alone because I usually suspect such questions are posted by trolls.

The simple answer is NO he can try cosmeticly and with drugs but he will never be the real thing.

Gender is the physical aspect so not easy to ‘swap’, but anyone can ‘gender-think’ across the divide, and some people find it is easier to ‘gender-think’ the other gender as a lifestyle.

A true gender swap would require transplant’s of reproductive organs but remeber the brain runs the show. It depends on the hormonal environment of the body to determine the ‘feel’, but the ‘think’ is a combination of the function of that brain also. The brain fed a hormonal soup that doesnt match what it wants will likely cause the person to never quite feel right, so it might depend on how feminine or masculine the person was originally, and how old they were when controlling the hormones, as to the success of whether a gender swap could really work well.

Some Female’s have higher testosterone, some males have lower testosterone or increased levels of estrogen as a normal baseline… these people might feel more comfortable with the social role model of the other gender because they relate with them more then their birth gender.

Yes, a man can become a woman.

He simply visits the hospital wherein they remove half the brain.

As far as the metaphysics and philosophy, im sorry but I cant function within those confines. metaphysics made me want to slam my head against a brick wall : )

as far as the man to woman question, I personally feel that if someone goes through everything you have to go through to do the medical transition, then they should be regarded as whatever they transitioned to. I feel that gender identity is quite fluid, and dependent on the person to whom it belongs. I have several friends who are gender-queer or trans, and as far as they are concerned, they have identified as the opposite gender their entire life. The way they came by the plumbing is inconsequential to me, it is their own perception of themselves and their identity that matters.

Personally, I approach such questions seriously, on the chance that the asker is a person who actually does want or need such information.

People in these situations in real life often find themselves terribly isolated, and can all too frequently be at risk of actual physical harm if they reveal their concerns to the wrong person.

Even if the asker is not serious, someone who has those concerns may be attracted by the headline and read the question, so putting some honest information and reliable links is worth the trouble, to me.

As for metaphysics, that’s fine, but unless someone in the midst of the intense pain of feeling lost, alone and confused about their essential self can be helped by being directed to ponder deep matters and intangible questions beyond their immediate situation, a useful link to a support organisation such as has more value, imho.

Cheers 🙂

PS: Meant to say that as Twilight points out, yes, most of the posters are probably trolls, but the questions are not necessarily meaningless because of that.

To tell you the truth, I think it all depend.
To me,a man can never be 100% woman.Unless he’s trapped in a woman’s body.And I believe that can be possible.

We have all of these medical mysteries,how can you explain all of them?!?!
There’s even cases when someone would be born with both
Hey,I’m not gonna bang my head against a wall to figure out how is that possible.It is what it is!


I answer these questions, while keeping in mind the pain that the individual must be going through. I am not transexual, but from what I have heard, these people suffer greatly from being in “the wrong body” and no amount of therapy can help them. So, when we have the medical technologies and procedures available that CAN (for all practical purposes) make this man into a woman (which, presumably, is the only thing that would relieve his pain), who am I to deny him that procedure? It is his life, after all, and whether or not he calls himself a man or a woman has little to no relevance to me.

I don’t believe you can become another gender.

One can have female or male physical attributes, but gender itself is something in the mind.

I think that is really based upon what knowledge one possesses.

As for rob’s answer: many women with anti-male views have said thats where men keep their brains- but do you really want to go there (This leaves a big opening concerning about
what is removed in a gender changing surgery).

One need to approach questions like “Can a man become a woman?” WITH CAUTION.

I agree with Twilight that there is a high probability that questions like that are posted by trolls just to get a rise out of people. I find many questions here that have me wondering if a person can really be that dense, dumb and/or insensitive. Having said that, I still try approach each question I answer as if it’s a serious question. 1) We don’t know the ages of the posters. They could be extremely young and really are that naive; and 2) Maybe the question isn’t serious but that doesn’t mean people can’t learn from serious answers. I used to work at a support site and I know that the posters only represent a small fraction of the number of people who read on a place like this.

As for your specific question about what basis do you support one of the two claims in your example: In my opinion, a person can give all the scientific evidence in the world to support their claim but most of the ones who believe otherwise will never be swagged otherwise because, with this issue, people are basing their conclusions/feelings on the Bible versus science.

Sorry, I think trangendering is a freak of nature.

The counterpart to this question is missing:- Can a woman become a man?

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