How do you feel about blazers?

by …love Maegan

Question by caroline:): How do you feel about blazers?
More specifically, very navy dark blue blazers for women. I mean paired with the right things, and wearing it with the right stuff to make it look more feminine.

I need some ideas on what to pair this navy blue velvet blazer with. I also have an eccentric style keep that in mind, this jacket’s very…i can’t describe it. I picked it up at this goth store in new york.

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Answer by Hanna123
I think it’s cute
but I’d dress it down

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I love blazers! And done right, I think a navy velvet blazer can look so vintage-glam. Personally, I would dress it down with a white tee, dark skinny jeans, dark leather boots and a matching leather bag, maybe with a colored scarf (light seafoam green would work). You could also dress it up for a luxe look with a structured, high waisted skirt (preferrably in a thick fabric with pretty pattern) and a sheer cream or white blouse with some navy pumps.

well if i would wear one i would probably look dumb but i guess if its all with the right things its nice

Blazers are just a timeless and elegant piece that any woman should own and is easy to work into the wardrobe, especially dark pieces such as navy and black – black being the preferred. You could pair the navy blazer with a pair of dark skinny jeans, gray/light gray, or white! You can dress up or dress down the outfit with accessories such as brooches!

i LOVE blazers.
i wish i could afford £50 for the one i love in topshop

It depends WHOM is wearing the aforementioned blue blazer.
You go with your heart, but beware, your choices will be tempered by peers, media, fashion, and prices, so try to cut your own road, and never spend lots of money, its just a waste, stupid and selfish, send $ 20.00 to some kid in Darfur, or Somalia, that would make any decent person feel better than some infantile fashion scene.

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