How many people think “women” should learn more about basic automobile maintenance?

Question by PRECIOUS2GOD: How many people think “women” should learn more about basic automobile maintenance?
Checking tire pressure? Change a flat tire? Things like this…

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Answer by Vanish
Maybe you shouldnt single women out so fast like that. I know how to change my tires and oil, I know how to rotate my tires, I know how to rebuild an engine! I own a 67 chevy and it is my baby!! Sweety…. with out WOmen, there would be no men!!

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I highly recommend it. It makes them more educated consumers and intelligent consumers make better customers, if for no other reason than it helps the communication process.

Each one of my four shops has a “ladies night” every three months (for a total of 12 a year) where we bring them in and help them get their hands dirty and get smart. We have a video presentation, we do a tire rotation and basic safety inspection on one of their cars (name pick out of a hat) and do an oil change on another one of the participants car. All free of charge, just sign up at least a week in advance.

The response has been overwhelming to the point that many of the past attendees, who are generally regular customers now, want us to offer them for men so their husbands can learn something as well.

I think everyone should know basic automobile maintenance.

I think EVERYBODY should learn how to do basic stuff with a car; be able to change a fluorescent bulb in a overhead light, do simple repairs around the house, be able to deal with unwanted insects, vermin. take care of simple plumbing problems, learn to fix little things for themselves. And not rely on repair men to come and do everything for them. Learn stuff. Stand up for yourself. At least try to do some of the stuff yourself. If you mess up, you mess up. But you tried.
Cars are only the tip of the iceberg. You should be able to handle your car, your home, and your life as much as you possibly can without any other help. Lots of stuff is really easy to do. As far as a car goes, get a book from the library. It explains lots of stuff about cars. Or even use the internet to ask how to do stuff. So much information online. TRY.

no, because if women knew how to do this stuff, the good-looking women wouldnt come into the shops for the men to fix it. and the men get a good veiw and if their lucky a date.

first before I answer your question…I have to give a way big thumbs up to VW hobo.

In answer to your question…yes…women should…I have seen so many times when women just don’t know…and not singleing out you ladys…but it’s a given that for the most part women don’t know about their cars.

I like the idea that hobo has and I’m going to turn my uncle on to that idea…he owns a garage…that would serve more than one purpose for sure. Not only will it help educate the women about cars…but also create business. Thanks hobo.

absolutely, these are very important for any car owner to know.
this would eliminate a lot of dependency on others as well as
keeping you wiser to the auto mechanics that try to take advantage. Not to mention saving you money.

I think that everyone should learn basic automobile maintenance. I work with individuals (men especially) with PhD’s who haven’t a clue about basic automotive maintenance.

Absolutely…but there are men out there that don’t know what some women know. I think EVERYONE should know at least some things. I work in the Service Department at a dealership and I see it all. We just hired a woman to change oil!! Women bring a different point of view to the table…and such attention to detail!! I think part of the issue is willingness to learn these things and “getting dirty.” Some folks just don’t want to.

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