How To Approach A Group Of Girls Without Any Chance Of Failure I’m going to show you exactly how to approach a group of girls with no chance of rejection o…
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Wait a minute. Where did you get this idea that people are fapping in front of women? Is that normal for you? 😉 No harm intended, just couldn’t pass it up.


Nah fuck that just pull out a hand gun and say get in the van. I Promise you they will move faster than the speed of light every thing else is more like 50/50

I can’t hear shit. I THINK I’M DEAD! FUCK!

You know what works.

Don’t treat a girl as if they’re a different fucking species.
Don’t treat them as an object.
Don’t fap every 10 seconds, when you walk past a woman in town.
Don’t be a bell-end and show off.
Stand tall and be confident.

this is not gunna work if your not british

The girl in the front is gorgeous!!!! The little things she does is soooo attractive!!

I would never be so touchy so damn fast, no way I’d just go up n grab her hand or touch her on the shoulder….gotta at least let them familiarize with ya a bit…if I did that I’d get some COLD looks.

Francisco I bet you don’t have a girlfriend and he’s getting laid everyday

Loser hahah

All three girls are nice looking. The girl in the white looks so pretty & seductive, I really like that a lot 🙂 That dude looks a lot like Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds. Maybe it’s the hair and the way he’s dressed…lol.

Is this technique gonna work if I’m really ugly

Who’s this guy? He don’t seem a real playboy….seem other. Is someone using sucsessfull this “tecnique”?…

By the way, good video

By the way, the best chicks to approach are college girls. Their more open minded, away from mommy and daddy, love to party and have a good time, and are not in serious relationships. Even the hot female professors are available…try this, approach a group of them and ask them if there going to the killer party on the weekend. They’ll say what party, respond ‘you mean you don’t know”(act shocked), say “why don’t you give me your numbers and I’ll give you the info’. easy numbers had, it works

The secret is confidence fellas. end of story.
Not bragging, just cosigning, the man is right and knows what he is talking about. I went to a fire works festival and seen the most beautiful women I’ve seen in a long time.
The problem was guys were hanging in groups and so were women, the guys were not approaching the women. Just for fun I started calling over the hottest chicks all in groups. Hi, how are you doing, my name is ‘blank, whats yours, ect.
Why don’t we exchange numbers, simple.

The girl with white was so so sexy and hot

girl in white is so damn seductive

I like that Slavic girl on the right 😀

He got the naughty one right. She keeps looking at his croch at :16 :21. :39 :51 1:04 1:26 1:37 1.54 2:18 2:33 3:07 3:23 3:50 and 3:55

girl in white showing how hard is to be pretty….

girl in black.. TIGER!

no. just no.

It also helps if you’re taller than he is.

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