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lol i have no idea how i ended up 6’1″ and i couldnt imagine being
short. Not that its some kind of horrible situation to be in but I think i
prefer being tall.

What height is considered “short”?

A tip for anyone willing to travel for clothes, china has some great
fitting clothes for short men considering their average height is pretty

I can’t find shirts that I can wear untucked for my height (5.6). The only
brand I know of that is for small men is Peter Manning but that is too
expensive ( pretty much 100 for a shirt) anyone know any other cheaper

Very helpful.

good video for short men 

its better and faster to order over the internet and then alterations as
necessary. all sizes found in jeans on ebay.

I am 5’7 and found this video to provide good tips. First for me, is
eliminating purchasing pants with cuffs (the horizontal band at the bottom
of the pants). I never thought about that before. In addition, I will pay
more attention to horizontal pockets, etc., on my suit jackets (have those,
as well). 

What this video is missing is more visuals the advice is helpful but
visually example would be much more helpful

if the tie hangs that low I think he’s trying to say you’d better go custom

I thought you were at least 6 foot with how you dressed!

I’m 6’2″ at 17 so I’m already tall, but after dressing like this a friend
of mine that I had not seen in a while thought I was at least 6’5″.

Thanks, these tips really helped. The only problem now is that most stores
don’t sell clothes my size. I’m 5 feet 5 inch, and whenever I go to a
clothing store I find clothes for people of 5 feet 11 inch minimum. Unless
I go to stores for young kids, I won’t find clothes my size. The worst
thing is that in those stores clothes can never get as serious as clothes
for adults…

I give you a good ideea.Close your last(upper) button on your shirt and
you’ll look slimmer

Great advance! Being vertically challenged man that is working in the
business community it is very informative.

81 thousand of short people watched this including me! 🙂

i’m about 5′ 4″, i have a really nice legs and would like to show them off.
I live in fl so it can be pretty hot. i notice that when i wear basketball
shorts (shorts that go below my knees) i would look shorter to when i wear
running shorts (shorts a good inch or 2 above the knees). what would you

hey m 5,5 m short nd skinny so what kind of cloaths best suits me plz
suggest me

I would say 5’6 and below would start to be adequately considered short,
but it depends where you live.

you are medium height and an average height man, i guess 5’8 to 5’11 would
be considered medium height for a man, but it depends with who you compare
your height.

Wats short for a guy

great! and so was the article!

15 and gonna be 16 in 5 months still 5″5.

Why did you mirror the video? Great channel by the way. 🙂

me too im about 5’7 and its so hard to find a decent blazer size that looks
good 😛

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