How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling

This shows you how to fold a suit to put into a suitcase without wrinkling. The incredible person in the video is Jacky Tam from British Tailors, 8-B Carnava…
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Do you know this?


Not lying, I read “how to hold a fart”

Suit folding skill: Asian

He folded that shirt like a master

Makes it look so easy! :)

Look through the comments because there are several suggestions for this.

If you use suits regularly and travel, here is a way to pack them without
getting them too wrinkled.

I like this tutorial! It’s a first comprehensive video explaining how to
fold a suit jacket into a suitcase.

How to fold a suit, pants and shirt to go in a suitcase without wrinkling

Time to practice! (via +Timothy Sohn)

Packing a suit for a trip… YouTubed “fold suit travel” and came across
this helpful tutorial. Much better than my usual “ball it up and hope for
the best” strategy. What would I have done in those dark days before the
internet? (The correct answer is: “look deplorably wrinkled.”)

I’m good, but I’m not this good. Just watch him fold the shirt at the end.
No pins, no clips, all talent.

where do I get those bags??

Como guardar terno ou paletó sem amassar #ficadica 

If I end up traveling more, I’ll probably get the tom bihn aeronaut + eagle
creek pack-it cubes / folders + this folding system, should handle
everything I need it to, including suits!

Do you know this?


Great suit packing technique for those business trips

My dry cleaner just offered to fold and bag my suit (like this) since I’m
traveling to Indiana for a wedding this weekend. #awesome 

47 years old and just now learning how to fold a shirt and suit…….shame
on me.

Doing it like a Pro. This is good for home and to go.


Now that’s how you pack for buissness


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