How To Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Play Video Games

A lot of girls but not all aren’t interested in video games. My wife explains some ways to get them to play video games with you and maybe get them into gaming.

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Good topic! My girlfriend likes puzzle games, fighting games, cute games
like Lego or Little Big Planet, and games where she collects and unlocks
things, because it gives her a feeling of progress/fulfillment, I guess.
She is often better than I am at the first two, which also doesn’t hurt!

I had to view this one, my wife used to fight over the controller in the
90’s, now I can’t pull her off those stinking Facebook games. A fun segment!

Very cool!–back in the early 90’s when I got married my wife was more a
less just a 2nd player for me to practice Sreet fighter and MK on–But then
she got really good at all the games and before you know it she was on the
first controller in our gaming group–LOL—I created a
monster—hehe—Now she only likes the family games—More on the Wii than
anything else–I can’t get her to play Battlefield 3—haha

We’ve played fighting games and racing games against each other through the
years and also enjoy some Rock Band from time to time. I do think my wife
is better at the fighting games than I am though LOL.

Thanks Dean. My wife doesn’t play video games very often anymore but when
she does it’s either a fighter or a racing game.

Damn Gary, get that ass raped son. =P

I know. Mandy is pretty good at it.

Yeah my wife is probably better at fighting games than I am but I still
like to play them with her. -Gary

This doesn’t work for everyone

Maybe not but it is worth a try if you are passionate about video games.

I can understand and relate. Gary can tell you I was addicted to animal
crossing on GameCube before we had our daughter Lauren . Would play or
hours to accomplish, reach tasks like other gamers. But racing and
fighting games started back when my brother and I had Atari, computer games
on our Tandy 3000, then followed by arcade games, played lots of pole
position. Well glad you and girlfriend enjoy games too! And thanks for your
comment too. AJ

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