How To Make a 100ft Glow Stick!!!

How to make a 100 ft glow stick. Brighter than Electroluminescent wire and self-powered. This can be used to decorate, glow stuff up, or create all kinds of awesome effects. Warning: TCPO is carcinogenic and you should wear gloves and masks while working with it. The procedure is simple, mix together 500mg of 9,10-bis(phenylethynyl)anthracene and 17g of TCPO in 500mL of diethyl phthalate solvent and heat it up until it dissolves. Then top it up to about 2.1 liters and add 120mL of hydrogen peroxide and 10g of sodium acetate. Shake thoroughly and draw into a 100 ft glow stick with an inner diameter of 3/8″. Suction by a vacuum pump is recommended. To prevent spilling the ends should be capped with brass or plastic compression fittings. Leave 5+ feet of space in the tube to allow for expansion of the chemicals depending on temperature. Glow stick will last for about 6 hours. Use more TCPO if a longer glow is needed. Possibly the world’s biggest glow stick.
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NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. The talk startes at 1:45 and if u didnt get it YES JOE ADMITTES ON 100% that they DATE. INFO: While on Larry King Live Thursday night, the host used his reporting skills to find out if Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are dating. After talking about Nick’s recent high school graduation, Larry King asked Joe Jonas about his “female situation” and if his girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle, is as famous as Nick’s. Joe’s response? “I don’t think anyone’s as famous as Miley Cyrus,” he said. After realizing he outed his brother’s relationship, he quickly asked oldest brother Kevin to chime in before Nick interjected. “I think there’s a part of our life that we always try to keep private,” Nick said. Last week, Cyrus — who recently split from beau Justin Gaston — said it is nice to be back on friendly terms with her ex. “He’s my best friend, and we still hang out all the time,” she said last Friday on 107.5 The River’s Woody and Jim morning show in Nashville. “We’ve definitely reconnected. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but right now we’re just kind of kicking it and hanging out as much as we can.” Nick, who split with Cyrus at the end of 2007, recently took a trip to Georgia to visit the Hannah Montana star, who is now shooting the drama The Last Song. Source: Us Weekly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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lol if it doesnt have a dangerous sign its not worth buying 🙂 my logic

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I love how he edits it to make his voice deeper.
Don’t like sounding like a nerd? Well, that just sucks, dude.

were do you get all those chemicals

haha nerd? oh no you didnt!

I’m no nerd.

Out line a car! And drive it at night

see how much you can fit up your ass…

AMAZING! So come on then Nurds……how man of them “ufo” lanterns would it take to lift that into the clouds? Personally I’d be happy to see it attached to a couple of weather ballons 😀

Yes, it does. Colder temperatures slow the rate at which a chemical reaction takes place, so freezing it does make it last longer, but the glow would as a result be slightly weaker, plus it would warm up again pretty quickly. IMO, not worth the trouble.

actually you don’t need any of the chemicals described… all you need is a bunch of pure epic

con you do colour change glow rope?

wouldn’t it be a glow rope?

does freezing a glow stick make it last longer?

no epic fail xD


3:19 – Don’t drop it LOL

pimp your car with it!

love it

lmfaoo take i to a rave xD

lol going to a rave, that would be sooo show off 😛

I think you broke the world record for the longest glow stick right there.
For the next glow stick, you should call Guiness World records! This could give your little web show extra publicity =)

thats just awesome 🙂

Dude thats hella sick i wish I could do that…

make it 1000 feet long! please that would be so cool

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@MrsLaau joe is wrong there is someone more famous than miley cyrus.

I miss those times so much.
Hahah, Nick was like “dang it man! way to spoil it.”
But you can tell he wanted to talk about her.

arwwwww i love joes face there hehe:) , xxxx

@TheTeamMiley me :p i hope!


Joe -.-”

wow.joe just brought up the name. and even nick did 😮

Nicks face woah hoooo.I got pissed.I saw another interview where joe said when they got home that night.nick beat him up.But he was joking…I guess..

@MileyandSelenarock87 i kno

@lynea11 i kno that

@TheTeamMiley no one. him and demi are both single.

i really didnt like joe and camilla together…and the concert in michigan where joe cried, my concert was the next day so i was like yayy! joe’s a single man now. he sang his heart out so i loved that about my concert. so excited for this yearrr!!!!

who is joe dating? i kno that demi and him broke up but who is he dating now?

@MileyandSelenarock87 ohh,okayy

No when Larry said “Is your she famous?”
and Nick was like
“Who Miley? No I’m kidding.”
Love your username by the way

@MileyandSelenarock87 haha if u didnt kno miley was then u shouldnt kno who the jonas brothers jk

i ll aways love this video. hahah, i love this. and i miss them.

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