How To Pick Up a Girl in 60 Seconds

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He Don’t Got Game sneaks Orlando Florida into cougar actress Justine Kittens home to try and help him get intimate with someone who has experience. Admired b…

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that was great xD

Why aren’t you drinking Ozarka. 

This is why you don’t have a girlfriend.

*Toss sugar packet on to the ground in front of the attractive person’s
feet without them noticing. then bend down pick it up and say* “I believe
this is your name tag” *smile, hand them the sweet name tag (sugar packet)
and walk away* but not before they fall in love with you! *PERFECTION*

Comment your most creative pickup line! :D

Are you a beaver cuz dammnnn

Crap. Something’s wrong with my phone (Oh really what is it?) it’s just
that…your number’s not in it

I may not go down in history, but I’ll go down on you 😉 hahahahah

I wouldn’t turn you down for any of those Taylor boo

hey boy does this rag smell like chloroform to you? gets em every time.


I would have turned you down for all of those things, but that was pretty

the laptop one lmao

I actually loved this :)

agent P :)


Pickup lines:
Didn’t we go to different schools, together?
Life without you is like a broken pencil. pointless.
Pull at your sleeve and say
“you feel that? It’s girlfriend (or boyfriend) material
Can I take a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas ?
You look just like my next boyfriend ( or girlfriend)
Is your name google because your everything I’m searching for

Yes please do more of these videos! Love them!!!

Agent P

I love you drink your water, and say…..Still thirsty 🙂 And when you say
“wanna sit on my lap cause you got dat booty doe” That was too funny :)

The dog in the car disappears and comes back from 0:13 through 0:20 lol.
Weird dog, but cute too!

That was adorable….well done!!!

Wow! That’s awesome bro haha!

“That’s a beautiful slip…err, dress.” Haha, I think this was great
practice for you, Orlando, and I don’t know how you managed to hide your
boner with those boobies in your face.

nice work!

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