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HOW TO PICK UP RICH WOMEN – Lesson 3 – What Luxury Items should you have in your pursuit.
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somewhat dorky

bit hard to keep up

Gotta process this.

Pure undiluted genius

pretty alright vid

Hmm gotta think about what you said.

fourteenth time watching this

What on earth did I just watch?

Amazing is not an over-used word for once

This guy has a catchy sense of humor

Kinda cool

when is the next part coming out?

always learning

I googled my way here

good good stuff

i’ve seen better

what a pro man

lol I find this clip from my friend’s wall.

subscribing now

My dad loves this clip too

video liked, check

favorited, done

Needed a few more gadgets

quite classy

Finding it hard to imagine you’re not partnered!

You are such a fucking retard and what idiot would take these tips , and
how would you know these as far as I know you coulnt pick up a dog

Great car advice for a single guy!

you can have all the wealths you desire, you can also have the most luxury
items you have, but without a soul and merry a woman just for her money.
you loses your dignity and pride as a human being!

You can try and fake it but she is going to figure it out when you go on a
date and she has to pay for dinner. 

Hey you wannabee’s listen and learn from the best. Archie Luxury – the GURU!

Mercedes quality has never been the same since that merger…. (yea I know
they arent anymore) –but it has negative lasting effects.

i think this strategy works to get the rich girl for a one night stand..
but how will you be able to keep pretending u are rich if u are not… she
will find out about the fake sooner or later

Audi A8, A7, A6 or even A4, is under stated and significantly better then a
mercedes, watch s/b FP Journe.. pen & briefcase s/b Cartier, clothes s/b
dress british, think yiddish. and that’s all I have to say about that !!!!!

I agree Archie monogram is too flashy I always buy non-monogram LV I do not
have a briefcase.

What an idiot!

think RR JLC british tailoring for suit and italian fabrics for casual wear
and you will be fine

LV is aspirational. SAB would be an understated briefcase in an anglosphere

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