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I have a question for anyone who can answer. Ought we not to ever use
trouser’s back pockets for wallet? I mean we sometimes take off our jackets
indoors then is it okay to put our wallet in back pocket?


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Another very informative video..Very nice. However, i do agree with Matthew
below. It would be really helpful to see some examples of bad fitting
suits. Thanks for your videos!

A back pocket should never been used for a wallet or anything. You put your
wallet in your jacket inside pocket. Or even a money clip in your jacket
would be better!

Great information. It would be kool if you were able to give a test first
for us to take then grade it at the end while going over your info. Based
on this info I may have missed the one about cuffs. I’m 5’8″, my waist is
48″ (Not a portly) and all of my pants are cuffed.

How to Wear a Men’s Suit.

We know how to buy a suit but do we know how to wear one?

I’m a young guy, as in, im 15. And i want a suit to make me look mature,
slim and fashionable. I do have a very athletic build with large shoulders
and im 6ft 4″. Ive decided on a charcoal grey, slim fit suit with a black
satin slim tie. I need advice on accessories like shirt color, belts and
tie bars or anything else you think will compliment my body and make me
look maybe a little older but still youthful. Thanks in advance.

Do you know of any good books that teach you how to make Men’s Suits and
Shirts. Are there any good courses in California?

Vest? A personal choice IMO. Bad fit? Makes you look like a slob.
Tailoring? A good suit combines three factors: fabric, fit, and tailoring.
When I was semi-poor, I bought good used suits from thrift shops and
brought them to my tailor, who was a magician.If your suits are now too
large, tailoring might make them fit right; ask your tailor. If you need a
new suit, go with the best you can afford. I recommend the best fabric in
made-to-measure. It will satisfy for many years.

when it comes to fabric didn’t hear anything about quality of materials.
e.g wool

What is your feeling about Indochino custom suits? Also, I have a question
concerning suit color. Is getting close to a versatile suit color ok? For
example, instead of Navy blue could that I get a Indigo blue instead?
Instead of plain charcoal, could I get a plaid charcoal grey suit instead?
Would the aforementioned suits be just as versatile? thanks!

I like to match the number of buttons on the front of my jacket with the
number of jackets on my sleeve 😀

Does that mean that when you stand straight, with hands down, it has to
come to the end of the wrist bone? Then, when you work in the office, it
would show too much shirt sleeve. Would it not? If you could at your
convenience, could you show me some other examples of “what not to do?”
Also, if possible, could you show me the example of how to tailor shirt
properly? I guess it’s time for me to visit WI to meet the legendary to get
some real men education.

nice i like the 1930s look what kind of suits shall i buy

@steviesan23 Sure, don’t you keep extra jackets on your sleeve? No, I meant
to say “buttons” there, of course, and thank you for catching that and
pointing out the mistake!

Thank you sir.

Thanks buddy 🙂 there changing my school uniform and just wanted to make
sure I’m doing it right :L great video helped a lot

Wow. You have amazing presenting skills

great video. i’m 17-18 years old, dark black hair, dark white skin, about
6′ 2” and with an athletic body built. what would you recommend?

Hey I’m 5’11” and 17 years old. Black hair and white skin. I have a navy
suit, which color combination of shirt and tie do you recommend? thank you

common mosconception amongst amateur suit owners, i was the same way when i
first started wearing suits. this is because traditionally the colour black
is reserved only for very formal occassions; think tuxedos. in places like
britain and italy, black sutis are only worn for weddings and funerals

great video! very informative and to the point. cheers

what about quality and type of materials?

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