How To Wear A Tuxedo | A Man’s Guide To Wearing Black Tie | Tuxedos For Men Video – Click here for the article on Art of Manliness.…

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hey Antonio lets see you with some beard on your face.

I have heard this one rule regarding the shoes, that you shouldn’t have
wingtip shoes with black tie. Is this rule recommended?

Hey Antonio, thanks for doing this and all your other videos. They’ve
really helped me mature my style since I found and subscribed to RMRS a two
years ago!

How awesome! I was just about to rent a tux for the first time. Nice timing
on this, ha ha. Thanks a lot for the video. 

Great vid Ant, but why aren’t you wearing your tux in this?




Can you do a video on hats at some point? I look forward to your input!

Hi Antonio I’ve just subscribed… I love your channel. I’m almost 14… I
try to wear a necktie or bow tie any occasion I get the opportunity to
attend and I’d like to ask if there are a few brands that you could let me
know about for dinner jackets, shirts, shoes and or pants/ trousers I am
tired and honestly bored of my wardrobe. Any help would be appreciated. 

I’ve rarely ever seen anyone look good wearing a wing tip collar with black
tie. First off, wing tip is supposed to be white tie as far as I’m
concerned, and secondly, go Google pictures of all the various James Bonds
wearing black tie; he always wears a turn down collar and always looks far
better in black tie than everyone else!

talk about tan tuxedos

we have white tie events at the university of leiden

I’ve noticed that lately you have started to wear high-contrast clothes.
Before you used to wear middle contrast clothes or am I wrong?

its very sad to see men wear bow ties… but they cant even clean their
shoes. Looks lame, please, dont be that kind of man. Thnx for your videos.

Antonio: kudos to you on the video. It matches perfectly with the article!
I have owned and worn a tuxedo since high school and I made it classic from
the beginning. The rentals I saw at my prom alarmed me no end. Hardly
anyone else was dressed in proper ‘Black Tie’. It wasn’t until college when
I had to have a tux for choir and then it was totally proper in every way
for every situation. While I did purchase the cotton/poly shirts the tux
dealer had, I also insisted on full cotton dress tux shirts with French
Cuffs. I also insisted on braces. Today I own five tuxes since I go to lot
of events requiring Black Tie and every suit is worn with a bow tie and
cummerbund (and with spring it’s always a bit of color). Shirts, jewelry
and the other elements are white or black, but with the braces, I always
nearly insist that they be white as they blend in to the shirt. The bow tie
for me was not the big deal many men seem to think of it as.I’m all thumbs
when it comes to tying one, but I’m trying to get better. Every year I get
better. A cummerbund for me is required and I bought my last set at Jos.
I fully believe that men get somewhat afraid when it comes to this
clothing. Why? it basically is a suit that has a few details a daytime suit
will not have. It fits the same, it raises you to another level and the
average man should not be afraid to wear it. I always feel 100 times better
when wearing a tux (this weekend I will for sure need it) and the
compliments I get from those around me when wearing it always are positive.
In fact, too many times the wives of those men around me who own one say,
“You should be wearing your tuxedo, dear.” I don’t want to be the argument
starter, but what I have become is an advocate for the tux at the Symphony
so, at least nobody wants to take me down too far (one day maybe?) for
influencing the wife on husband dress.
Still, owning a tux is the only way to go. Wearing it should be as
automatic as an office suit for day time. Maybe the idea is catching on. I
just thought I’d let you know you hit a bullseye and hope that more men
will follow the idea and wear a tux more often than not, prom being harder
to cure than all events combined.

Keep stylin’ and profilin’

could a frock coat work with this occasion? 

really helpfull video.

All ur videos have been so useful. It helped me dressing and giving good
advices to my husband.

Very informative. I dig the military references as well.

It will be a lot more easier if you give more visual, I feel like I only
saw a man talking all the time with a white background

please please please do a video on white tie

I was recently thinking about purchasing a new black suit with a Mandarin
collar. I respect your opinion, so how you put together this look?

Antonio, What’s your take on the white dinner jacket? To me, in the summer,
it seems like a good formal option.

A Man’s Guide To Wearing Black Tie

I love your videos. Could you please do one on ironing men’s clothes? It
would be very appreciated.

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