I have the topic of “body language” for my psych term paper. Would dog body language be a good topic? HELP!!!

Question by Anteekprincess: I have the topic of “body language” for my psych term paper. Would dog body language be a good topic? HELP!!!

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Answer by Angie E
that would be awesome!I would hold anyone’s attention!Good idea!

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the body language of a dog, whe nthey r exited they wriggle whe nthey r sad tthey have their tails down and ears flat so on and so on.

Good idea. I was just watching this show on National Geographic the other day and it was really interesting. It showed the speed and angle of a dog’s tail depending on what or who he was facing. You might want to do a report on that? Best of luck!

Absolutely! That’s how dogs communicate. There’s tons of information about dog body language in books or on the net. From the way they hold their head, to their tails everything is showing dominance or submission, happiness or fear. Another interesting animal you could look up is horses.

I did the body language of dogs in the dominate hierarchy among a certain breed over food. The professors loved it. And being around animals that you are doing the paper on is the key to it.

A great idea. With the proper research it could make a facinating and informative term paper.
Understanding what dogs are trying to tell us through their body language is a highly misunderstood and under researched subject.
if you can find the book The Language of Dogs by Sarah Kalnajs at the library or book store it would make a good starting point for your research.

Excellent choice…..heres a little help…


Check this out: Sarah Kalnajais’ DVD and book “The Language of Dogs.” It’s fascinating. For instance, did you know that when a dog sneezes, what he’s saying is “don’t stop, whatever you’re doing, don’t stop–this is HEAVEN!”? Or that there are a series of signals in sequence that a dog shows before he bites out of stress. Or that when dogs signal to each other “hey, I’m not threat, I’m not going to attack” they do two things: they raise one paw and bend it at the equivalent of our wrist and they hold their head up but look away to the side.

Seriously, she did her PhD on this subject. She’s got a website up. I’ve seen her DVD and have it–it’s incredible–tons of video of examples. And the examples are universal, they apply regardless of the breed and size of the dog.

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