I need help finding the right suit jacket?

Question by : I need help finding the right suit jacket?
I’m looking for a particular kind of suit jacket (in the UK) and if somebody could please just help me figure out how to properly describe what I’m looking for it would be a lot easier in the shops for me.

I’m a slightly bigger man, my size is 50 medium so I generally head towards the big and tall department to begin with. The jacket I want is a 2 button contemporary/slim fit in black so that it looks flattering but – and this is a big but – all the jackets I’ve found apart from one I tried on (in the wrong colour) had the lapels hanging out like flaps if I wore it undone, which looks really silly.

I want a jacket that just rests on my tummy when it’s undone and flatters my shape without looking tight when done up. I don’t know the name for this style of jacket.

Could anyone please tell me what this kind of jacket is called, or better yet, where in the UK I can buy one? (For less than £150, ideally!) Thank you!

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go to H&M

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that’s a tough question as the jacket cut is what seems to be the issue and an off the peg jacket intended for a 50 medium will take a 50 medium average in all it’s areas of size, sleeve length, jacket length etc. The only way to get a perfect fit would be A) have one tailor made or B) find one that as close a good fit and have it tailored to your exact requirements – neither option is going to be the cheapest I’m afraid.
good luck in finding want you need.

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