I Want Her To Be My Girlfriend – Using Language Patterns To Influence Her Mind

by Ed Yourdon

I Want Her To Be My Girlfriend – Using Language Patterns To Influence Her Mind

Attract and Seducing women is definitely a skill that anyone can learn and master with practice and practical experience.

Every man is not born to be a natural seducer, you’ll be astonished to discover how often a seductionist got turned down by girls before they master the skill of capturing a woman’s heart.

There is one important key you must understand when come to attract and seduce women, which is learning to make a woman feel for you. Lots of men attempt to draw in and attract girls at their conscious mind level, making it hard for the guys to achieve the things they desire. They ask the women out for a romantic and costly meal, get them expensive presents as well as saying things to make the women feel happy.

The majority of guys had overlooked the proper words and phrases, or language patterns which they ought to make use of to attract women. Words can be effective and powerful, you can use it to get trust from other people, get respect from co-workers, acquire assistance from any people, not to mention, get love from a woman. This will depend on precisely how you employ it – I am talking about utilizing the right words in the right times, using the proper body languages.

Words and phrases enable you to influence and control a lady’s feelings, together with the usage of proper language patterns. For instance, “I ever kept a dog as my pet, I adored the dog very much. Each and every morning, I kissed him before I proceeded to my workplace. Unfortunately, when I returned home one evening,, I discovered him lying on the floor near to the sofa. I caressed him and was shocked to feel that his physique was hard and cold. I tried to feel his breath using my finger, he was lifeless. Are you able to picture exactly how I felt at that time? I still miss him today.”.

By expressing this, you’d just implanted the sensation of agony and pain inside a girl’s heart. There are lots of language patterns which you can use to put in various other feelings, thoughts and emotions into a girl’s heart.

Therefore, if you wish to attract and seduce a girl and make her to become your girlfriend, then need to learn and master the correct language pattern. You can get her to associate any kinds of feelings (that you want her to feel) to you.

You will become the most fortunate person if the woman you desire will to love you back, but how do you make her to love you? Do you know that there are secret language patterns that you can use to make her fall in love with you?


It is so powerful that it can even create a new identity for a woman, by using these types of patterns, you can make yourself to become the focal point of that new identity for her. Visit: I Want Her To Be My Girlfriend.

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