“Ice Man” NCIS episode?

by invertigo

Question by David Tent (but with less poles): “Ice Man” NCIS episode?
On the episode of NCIS, “Ice Man”, who was the woman looking at pictures of Tony and his girlfriend at the end of the episode? She was also taking pictures of them during the end of another episode, I can’t remember which one. Who was she and what was she doing? It was probably explained in another episode I haven’t seen
will you just tell me?!?

Best answer:

i really dont want to ruin anything if you have not seen the whole season my suggestion is you watch it you will find out sooner or later. well if u want me to tell you ok here how it goes that girl tony is with was le frog the person that the director is chasing daughter and the director set tony up to date her so they can try to kill the frog the person taking the pictures is one of the spys that he hired to spy on them

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i think it was her mother

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