Is one’s sexual persuasion no more than how one chooses to stimulate certain sensations?

Question by The Love Doctor: Is one’s sexual persuasion no more than how one chooses to stimulate certain sensations?
How can one’s choice of how to stimulate their self give them the same status as a civil group?
If a fat person who is on a diet decides not to eat ice cream even tho those taste buds desire that stimulation. How is that any different?
How would one know what that person does in their bedroom?
Attractions are still just sensations.

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Answer by Vernon Dozier X
Prove it’s a choice and I’ll take your question seriously.

Oh wait, you can’t. All you have is unsupported religious opinion based on what is most likely a superstition.

By the way, the American Psychoglogical Association says it isn’t a choice:

Is sexual orientation a choice?
No, human beings cannot choose to be either gay or straight. For most people, sexual orientation emerges in early adolescence without any prior sexual experience. Although we can choose whether to act on our feelings, psychologists do not consider sexual orientation to be a conscious choice that can be voluntarily changed.

EDIT: You know, Everard has a great point. Are you gay? You protest a bit too much.

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They’ve become a civil group because of organized discrimination.

Ones sexual preference shouldn’t be a big deal, and it wouldn’t if not for bigots forcing their “morals” on society.

Well currently heterosexuals have the special right to marry, serve in the military, work (in some states) and adopt/foster children based on placing the p**** into the V*****. So, you would have to get them to agree with you and give up those special rights.

Your obsession with the gay says more about you than you realise.
Maybe you’re bi and chose to be straight . . . I sure didn’t choose to be straight . . . I was born this way.

You oversimplify the world way too much. I blame your neurosis of Christianity.

But anyway, I’ll humor you. It’s much more complicated than that.

You know how you feel (or, at least what us heterosexuals do… I’m somewhat unsure as to where your preferences actually lie) when you see an incredibly beautiful woman? Ok, well, essentially, the preference you have for that is somewhat predetermined. You aren’t CHOOSING to find the woman beautiful, you aren’t CHOOSING to have your brain release various chemicals and hormones of arousal when you finally get to having sex with her. Your brain is “wired” innately to function in such a manner. It’s kind of like how you have some ingrained preferences towards certain foods.

Homosexuality is a bit of a reversal in that they have a similar “attraction” wiring that one would expect to find in the opposite sex. In essence, the brain chemistry reacts to different stimuli. It’s quite equally subconcious and innate.

Now, modern medicine of course understands it’s quite separate from choice. Actually, I’ll tell you choice as a whole is illusory. But in this sense, attraction is most certainly subconcious and predetermined. Us civilized folk tend to just accept this as one of the small parts of human diversity.

In that case, there should be no heterosexual marriage allowed either.

You’ve attempted to turn your question into a statement.

“Ones sexual persuasion [is] no more than how one chooses to stimulate certain sensations.”

When you ask a question, it doesn’t become a statement that you can use to make a point. So your following question is based upon a question that is completely false.

And then you put the icing on the cake by trying to compare it with fat people and ice cream.

Continuing on you are attempting to say gay people should just stay in the closet in the form of another question.

Can’t you see the difference between a question and a statement?

Anyhow, gay marriage is now legal in New York. Next another state will legalize it. And then another. Soon the WHOLE COUNTRY will accept gay marriage.

Except for a small minority of bigots that everyone will ignore.

Most people are led by their emotions or certain sensations stimulated by their adrenal glands so yes. I believe sexual persuasion is determined, by ones choice to indulge the sensation at hand, rather than change it.

For example, when emotions such as fear rise up within us, due to some warning of danger, we can choose to be led by it and indulge in that instinctual feeling of fear, or we can choose to take another direction. We can calm the heart rate down, by consciously slowing down our breathing rate, and then determining what to do or, what feeling we want to have such as faith, or courage.

We then have an emotion, feeling or sensation that has been determined by our will, rather than by our instinctive reactions which causes us to act on feelings without thinking much about them. By using our will we can consciously stop our instinctive reactions, to give us time to think about what we should do. Our will can then be brought in line with Gods will.

From here we walk with the Lord with the predetermined emotion as in, a chosen fruit of the Holy Ghost, of which our own will and thinking skills have decided to be one with. This consciousness or awareness of God in us rises up in us again, and negates or puts an end to the natural and reactive emotion that previously rose up within us, instinctively.

As for your, question about the civil grouping, I don’t know what you mean.

Doesn’t Lotus stands for “lots of trouble, usually serious”?

no, we dont “choose” our biology
if you can do that you must have god like powers, as not a single person on earth can choose their own biology

yes i gust so

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