Is Sexual Attraction Physical?

Bernard Chapin here with Volume of Chapin’s INFERNO 792 Is Sexual Attraction Physical? If you need to get ahold of me I’m at [email protected] Men’s…
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Slender, no acne.

I’ve fucked quite a few girls I wasn’t particularly attracted to. But I’m far from normal.

and I don’t have any of those. but whatever. independant man.

I know and realize this already. I still enjoy it though.

You’re harsh, but spot on.

Many of the best women I know or have become acquainted with over the years are not attractive in the least. I rarely encountered women who were both quite beautiful inside and out. Practically every happily married man I know is married to to an average or less than average looking woman. Then again, who knows if these practical, moral, thrifty women with a deep maternal instinct and a masculine temperament would look like all dolled up.

Damn straight! lol

“Maybe you are living the illusion that the lesbians you see in the porn you watch are really lesbians? Those aren’t lesbians” LOL Well said.

Damn you, YouPorn! You cannot trust internet anymore ;P

we’re all proud of you at home Betty

Don’t forget, it was a man that invented the paper bag ! I can tell you, I have been with more than a few ” double baggers “

oh, that’s probably just some fat, ugly, unhappy fringe group. I’ve gone to school and work with women, some of them self declared feminists, who have never condemned finding women physically attractive.

No where do you get you numbers? 99.9%? I’m very sure that is not accurate.

Not really. Unless the connection is that they’re both women. But there are also male feminist.

absolutely they are, the pigs try to shame them by calling them “lookist”

then you’ll propose man and steal her from her husband!

no, but there’s a very high correlation.

@MrBladeCrash i lived in Troy MI for the first 25 years of my life. Too late to change sides now

let me clarify my first statement; I know lesbos who are also totally attracted to women for their looks.

I know lesbos who’d agree with this statement. Women aren’t as attracted to looks as men but they still are to a pretty big degree. It’s just that unlike women who can be total dim bulbs and still get the men, we men can’t JUST be good looking… we then have to be suave or have money or say romantic stuff. Or, if we don’t want to try to win a woman’s affection but still want some action, can go for total hogs, haha.

You know not every feminist is a lesbian.

What if she puts on a hundred pounds of muscle?
Hahaha jk j jk jk..

I wouldn’t even use the term “sexually attracted” when it comes to Christy cause she’s truely honestly religious and spiritual and probably is kinda monk-like hahaha
But yes she’s the opposite of an angry dyke; a happy hetero female ( not that I hate lesbians)… just the sterotypical feminazis…

So yea… we’re pretty much in agreement hahaha…

She IS Beautiful! I’m quite sure the feminist not only hate but are jealous as Christy O Misty is hawt. I hope she is doing well, and will keep her in my prayers.

Actually I believe that I’m conceptualizing very well. From my experiences I’m not the only guy that feels this way. There men who are less attractive women because of their personality or how they cater to those women carter to their ego. My point is that physical attraction isn’t the deal breaker at least not always.

I haven’t changed my argument and I didn’t deleted my comment if you look closely it is still there. Personality can produce lust and I do know that there are many guys that feel the same way. You take two beautiful women one has personality while the other has none or at least not good one. The one with personality is will be more attractive one even both women have the same level of attractiveness.

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