Is the movie °Pretty Woman” based on a true story?

Question by Iguazu: Is the movie °Pretty Woman” based on a true story?

txs for answers

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Answer by ritesh
I do not think so

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i think it’s basd upon true social ideologies

Yes, that’s how sarah Palin was discovered, in the streets.
It wasn’t LA though, it was Russia

Yes, happens all the time……….multi billionaires pick up $ 5o dollar ho’s, off Street corners, and give them their black American Express cards, to buy whatever they want……..and then they clean up as gorgeously as Julia Roberts in that red gown and White gloves, and then they take them to the opera where they CRY, because it’s just so freaking BEAUTIFUL to listen to people screech in a foreign Language , you don’t understand.

Then the billionaire, who can have any damn dame he wants…….falls hoplelessly in love with the Street slut……..and wants to marry her.

Happens all the time.

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